I’m still sore I made a great cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and forgot to eat it. Lucky for me almost every food magazine or blog is showing the promise of cranberries as a part of appetizers and canapés for the holiday season.

Cranberries pair well with cheese, so let your imagination run wild. They’re fantastic with goat cheese, but don’t stop there. Brie is another popular pairing for this low-hanging fruit. You’ll find a recipe or two using Camembert. Almost all the recipes you find will have them sweetened to counteract their tartness, and nuts are also a popular accompaniment.

We’ve loved cranberries (at least craisins) in our salads but they also work well with pork loin or roast in hot savory dishes. I love it when they pop! Cranberries and almost-ripe pears cure my tart tooth and sweeten up when cooked.

Don’t shy away from cranberries in the beverage department. They’re great in orange juice or champagne or both. Use them as an ingredient or garnish, but use them. We don’t see them the rest of the year.

Create your own recipes, copy someone else’s, but keep your mind open. Ready or not, the holidays are here and I’m finally in the spirit.

Fuzzy’s Tacos shuts down Old Shell location

We got a couple years out of it, but Fuzzy’s Taco Shop at 5713 Old Shell Road is no longer with us. Known for its fresh ingredients and Baja-style tacos and burritos, the family-friendly restaurant also served ice-cold beer and margaritas with indoor and outdoor dining. Now it sits with a “For Lease” sign and an empty parking lot.

Opened in November 2016, there was a little bit of an identity crisis at that location directly across from the University of South Alabama campus. One minute you ordered at the counter, another minute there was wait staff. I’ve enjoyed a taco or two there. They will be missed.

Taco Bell introduces new burritos. Coincidence?

Despite the closure of Fuzzy’s, the taco and burrito world is still going strong as evidenced by Taco Bell introducing two new giant burritos to its $1 menu, as well as $5 Cravings Box meals.

Early in 2018 Taco Bell announced it was beefing (pun intended) up its value menus with 20 new items for $1. The two new Grande Burritos — Chicken Enchilada and Three Cheese Nacho — will round out that promise Dec. 27.

The Chicken Enchilada Burrito delivers seasoned rice, shredded chicken, red sauce, low-fat sour cream and cheddar cheese. The Three Cheese Nacho is full of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips, low-fat sour cream and three-cheese blend. Wait a second, I’m counting four cheese products. Don’t sell yourself short, TB!

You’ll have to wait for Christmas to wrap (pun intended) up, but these could be good New Year’s hangover helpers.