An aural amalgamation on Big Easy alt rock will be taking over the Music Box. Summer will be getting things started with a set of “Delta Psychedelia.” The music this band creates pulls from a variety of muses. The initial impression is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett era. Song such as “Fires Under the Mountain/Indian Summer” emanates with Jesus & Mary Chain overtones. Summer’s vocal work tends to add to this vibe with its calm, melancholy purr.

Stoop Kids will provide a stark contrast to their show mates. Their sound has been described as “Doo-Hop” (Doo-Wop meets Hip-Hop). There could be no better way to describe the Stoop Kids’ music. This band represents the next step in alternative music evolution in the New Orleans scene. Stoop Kids carry on the jazz laden rock pioneered by bands such as Morning 40 Federation. Harmonies and saxophone accents verbal rhythms and rhymes.

Stoop Kids, Summer
Date: Saturday, April 5, at 9 p.m.
Venue: Alabama Music Box, 455 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: Call 251-441-8934 for more info