In response to “Why Alabama’s ‘major’ newspapers don’t speak for Alabama” (Nov. 29), I would like to share my own personal experience with the Press-Register.

I wrote four editorials on topics ranging from the environment to health care to the Press-Register and never received so much as an acknowledgement from the paper that they received them.

Curious as to whether they received them, I called the paper and left a voicemail of inquiry. They never returned my call with an answer.

I respect the right of the Press-Register to publish what they wish and told them so. None of my editorials were published, but you would think that they would have the common courtesy to say, “thank you for your letter.”

I agree with your article that Alabama’s major newspapers have lost touch with the diversity of topics and opinions that the people of this state have. I have read editorials that proclaimed “bullets hurt,” and another about how this state is a bunch of hypocrites without one example to support their argument.

It seems more like sensationalism than informative, thought-provoking journalism to me.

Thomas Habib
Eight Mile