The Crowned Jewelz band has exploded into the local music scene. Since forming, they have established themselves as a local favorite on both sides of the Bay. When looking at the line-up, it is no surprised The Crowned Jewelz have developed a healthy following.

Extended Brief Crowned Jewelz

Vocalist Yo Jonesy fronts this group. This lovely siren does not limit herself just to vocal stylings. She also has a talent for the trombone and percussion. Gerry Gambino has taken on guitar duties. Gambino has been a notable guitarist and instructor in the area for decades. In fact, the band’s bassist Nekoda Wolf is a former student of Gambino. Saxophonist Carlos Vizoso (The Rez) brings his woodwind goodness with Aaron Cook (Bust) lending his beats.

The Crowned Jewelz band is currently recording an album of original music. Until then, the band is featuring their original songs at their live performances.

The Crowned Jewelz
Date: Friday, May 2, at 8:30 p.m.
Venue: The Record Bar, 1203 U.S. 98, Suite 4E, 251-621-8300
Tickets: Free