The Mobile County District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday that it would not be pursuing any further charges related to the April 27 assault of former Davidson High School quarterback Rodney Kim Jr.

Despite the effort Kim’s mother, Mary Rayford-Kim, made to see criminal charges brought against members of Davidson’s coaching staff including suspended head coach Fred Riley, prosecutors say no probable cause currently exists to pursue any charges against them.

“The [DA’s] Office has reviewed all of the evidence in this case provided to the Mobile Police Department by Mrs. [Rayford-Kim] and the parents of other students at Davidson High School,” a statement from the office reads. “Based on all of the evidence presented and reviewed by the Mobile Police Department, The [DA’s] office sees no evidence at this time that establishes probable cause to make any further arrests of adults or juveniles in this case.”

In all, the cell phone video of Kim’s attack in the Warriors’ locker room has led to multiple student suspensions and expulsions in addition to at least 10 criminal charges.

Ellis Wright, LaQuinton William Jr. and Alex Sullivan, all 18, were arrested for third-degree assault in May and have since pleaded guilty. At least nine others have been booked on similar charges, but because they’re juveniles, information on their cases is not accessible by the public.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Kim family, at least six of those students have pleaded guilty and a 10th player identified in the video has fled the Mobile police jurisdiction.