Father’s Day rolls out this Sunday and you haven’t a clue as to what to get dear ol’ Dad. Forget about neckties and cheap aftershave. Both of those may choke him to death. If you, like most kids, are trying to send Pops to an early grave at least do it in style … and slower! Send him a membership to the Carnivore Club.

You have heard of the “Jelly of the Month Club.” Boring. The “Beer of the Month Club” hit a little closer to home. With the Carnivore Club you are getting warmer. Claiming to be the ultimate meat-of-the-month club for the discerning carnivore, it is the first with curated cured meats featuring artisans from around the world.

With a subscription to suit your needs (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) members receive a faux wood box filled with four to six different handcrafted meats, each box themed around one producer. You will also receive a handbook with serving suggestions and information about the supplier.

Monthly subscriptions run about $55 recurring, so it isn’t cheap. Make sure Dad is into the meat before you pull the trigger, but I would say I would certainly enjoy this gift. Let’s see if my boys are paying attention.

True Midtown Kitchen to close

I never like to report something like this, but for us at Lagniappe it hits a little closer to home. It was announced via Facebook this past week that True Midtown Kitchen will be closing this month. June 19 will be the end of an era for the building once known simply as “The Bakery,” and MiMo will be poorer for it.


According to the post their lease has expired and with the uncertainty of the economy they aren’t comfortable signing an extension. I can’t begin to tell you the fun we have had there with Lagniappe parties, anniversaries, and musical events. I personally would like to wish Richard, Amy, Wesley and the rest of the True family the very best in the next chapter of their lives.

We’re told Red & White will be moving into the space, and we wish them luck.

Half Shell Oyster House coming to Airport

Get ready for the one I have been waiting for. Half Shell Oyster House is coming to Mobile. Over in the northwest corner of the Dauphin and I-65 intersection you will soon be treated to an explosion of flavor, if it is anything like the other four.

Half Shell began in Gulfport in 2009, followed by a Biloxi restaurant, then expanded to Sarasota, Fla. and Hattiesburg. I ate at the Biloxi location just walking distance from Mary Mahoney’s on my birthday weekend and I was not disappointed. Of the half dozen things I sampled everything was great. Let’s hope our branch is held to the same standard.

No word on an opening date, but they are hiring as we speak. Until then my suggestion is to hit Biloxi for Mary Mahoney’s on Saturday, Half Shell on Sunday.

Pretty Perfect Pimiento reaching new heights

We can all honestly say we remember her when. Last time we spoke of the “Triple P” she was but a fledgling company. Now Pretty Perfect Pimiento Cheese from across the bay has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, and it nears global distribution everyday!

It seems like yesterday when owner Maggie Heyworth stopped by the Picker’s Paradise Bluegrass Jam with samples of the wonderful stuff. I was head over heels for the cheese on a gingersnap topped with a Hershey’s dark chocolate kiss, of all things. We ran the story of her quest for a commissary kitchen, and the next thing you know she had a huge distribution deal. You can say you read all about it here first, folks.

Now Heyworth and the tubs of cheese with healing properties are in nearly a hundred stores across the United States. As far-reaching as the business is, the biggest feather in the cap may be when people from the French Quarter write to say how much they enjoy it. We all love a grassroots story. To make a splash in the Big Easy surrounded by such great cuisine is as huge an accomplishment as landing accounts in the rest of the country.

With new markets opening their arms every day, Heyworth is not one to rest on her laurels and let this run its course. Two new flavors (spoiler alert) with the same cheese base are in the development phase, and I assure they will delight. How does sun-dried tomatoes with lemon zest sound? It sounds perfect for summer. But I’m even more interested in pancetta with horseradish! I can’t wait.

Until that hits the shelf I will have to settle for the original. You can pick some up locally at Allegri Farm Market, Windmill Market, Rous’, and Country Wagon Farmer’s Market on Highway 31 in Spanish Fort. I am officially sending her my resume for any test kitchen position.

Pick me up a tub for Father’s Day, boys! Happy Father’s Day, Big D. See you this weekend. Recycle!