The Daphne Police Department, the Mobile FBI and United States Attorney Kenyen R. Brown of the Southern District of Alabama will host Successful Tips for Youth on Law Enforcement Encounters (STYLE), which will take place at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Daphne on Aug. 13. The program is tailored for high school students, who will participate in several mock scenarios on how to engage law enforcement.

These scenarios will include instructions on how to respond when approached by law enforcement officers while driving a car, on the street or at home. In order to afford students with the opportunity to gain an appreciation for the split-second life or death decision law enforcement officers make on a daily basis, students will observe their chaperons participate in the FATS Simulator, which is a life sized video firearms training tool used by law enforcement. The program will conclude with the students participating in a roundtable discussion about the day’s events over lunch with individual officers.

The Daphne Police Department, United States Attorney Kenyen R. Brown and the Mobile FBI feel that law enforcement and the community it serves must “bridge the gap” with the recent events across the country. These tragic events can occur in smaller cities and rural areas as well as metropolitan areas.

The program will begin at 9 a.m. Aug. 13 and will last until 2 p.m. Due to limited space, the program is full and not open to the public.