The Daphne Police Department is warning residents about a secret shopper scam recently reported by a citizen. According to police, a Daphne resident received a letter in the mail with a check and instructions to cash the check and use the money for purchases at Walmart. The check found in the letter appears to legitimate, and police said many banks will allow such checks to be deposited and make the funds available to the customer. However, after several days the checks are returned as fraudulent.

See the letter received by a Daphne resident with instructions on how to begin the secret shopper scam.

This particular scam was so involved that it has a fake Walmart website set up for residents to “activate” a password which allows them to begin the process. The website also has a automated help phone number, which is also fraudulent. The scammers profit when customers are instructed to send back a portion of the money from the cashed check as part of the secret shopper process.

“We want to make everyone aware that this is a scam that could potentially result in the loss of funds for the victim,” Daphne Police Capt. Jason Vannoy said in a news release. “Banks will hold the customer responsible for depositing a fraudulent check into their account.”

Residents who receive secret shopper scam letters in the mail can call the Daphne Police Department at 251-621-2839 with questions.