The Mobile County Public School System has placed embattled Davidson High School football coach Fred Riley on administrative leave in the midst of a series of videos showing his players involved in alleged “hazing” incidents.

As Lagniappe has reported, the families of three Davidson students — two of them former players on the Warriors football team — took legal action against MCPSS after their sons were allegedly attacked by football players on Davidson’s campus.

The trouble for Riley started in May, when the family of former DHS quarterback Rodney Kim Jr., 14, released a video of their son being attacked by roughly 15 of his teammates after being promoted to the school’s varsity team.

Footage showed teammates punching, kicking and jumping on Kim in the school’s locker room.

Davidson High School Football Coach Fred Riley was placed on administrative leave in the middle of a lawsuit accusing him and other coaches of turning a blind eye to violent behavior from his players. (

Since then, the Kim family have released two other videos showing attacks that took place in early 2018 and late 2017 — each purportedly involving more members of Riley’s football team.

In the families’ lawsuit, Attorneys Charles Bonner and Jesse Ryder allege that Riley was aware and possibly even promoted this type of behavior.

Since Kim’s attack on April 27, three adults and nine juveniles have been identified in the video and charged with third-degree assault.

A few parents have pushed for charges to be brought against Riley and members of his coaching staff, but all of those attempts have been unsuccessful.

On Wednesday, officials with MCPSS confirmed that Riley had been placed on administrative leave just over two weeks before the start of the Warrior’s 2018 football season on Aug. 24. 

At this point, no interim head coach has been named by MCPSS.

Just like last month, though, Riley told members of the local media that he had no intention of resigning or retiring any time soon.

At this point, it’s unclear whether MCPSS has taken any disciplinary action against other Davidson coaches.