The Mobile County Probate Judge’s office is investigating a problem involving ballots at a local polling place.

Workers at the Dotch Community Center in Trinity Gardens – a precinct split by House districts 98 and 99 – discovered they may have been handing out only one style of Democratic ballot when a voter alerted them of the problem, following a shortage of ballots around noon, said Probate Judge Don Davis.

The split precinct meant that workers were supposed to hand out different Democratic ballots to voters, based on the district in which they lived. One ballot style had the District 98 race, with Napoleon Bracey running unopposed, or the District 99 race, where Henry Haseeb was challenging incumbent James Buskey.

Davis said once workers caught the mistake, his office and the sheriff’s office was notified and emergency ballots were delivered to the location.

Davis said his office would investigate the matter, but findings could take a couple of days. He said poll workers were trained on split precincts two weeks ago and given guides, which explained the process.

Buskey beat Haseeb in the primary with 2,294 votes to 861 votes.