Dear Mr. Lee,

We are writing to voice our concern over the future of Mobile Ballet. Our daughters have been students at Mobile Ballet for nearly five years, and the last two years have seen a noticeable decline of the quality of administration of the ballet school. Communication to parents this year has been abysmal at best. Re-enrollment instructions were sent incredibly late compared to previous years.

The ballet stopped using a local business for uniforms, instead requiring the purchase of uniforms from an internet retailer who had problems supplying the needed uniforms. Instructions for performance commitments and requirements were extremely vague and given last minute. In the past, the ballet has been extremely well run, but we noticed a significant drop in the quality of the administration.

We were also surprised and disheartened when we first heard of Winthrop Corey’s resignation. Many parents of the company and school have been requesting answers from the board as to why Corey resigned and what the future plans for the ballet are. The board has not provided any substantive explanation regarding his resignation.

We are concerned that Mobile Ballet has lost one of the best artistic assets in the city of Mobile in Mr. Winthrop Corey. He truly loves and cares for his students and his ballet. Yes, it is Winthrop Corey’s Mobile Ballet even if the board majority fails to recognize it.

Furthermore, the lack of corporate and individual donors listed in the program for this year’s performance of “The Nutcracker” is troubling. In previous years, the program listed significantly more corporate and individual donors. We were quite shocked at the decreased support that the board and employees were able to recruit. The information that we have now read in your articles and the lawsuit on file seem to provide a very plausible explanation for the decline that we have noticed over the last couple of years. This information concerns us deeply.

In closing, we are extremely concerned for the future of Mobile Ballet. We felt the need to pull both of our daughters from Mobile Ballet pending a satisfactory resolution to this conflict. We are concerned with the financial solvency of Mobile Ballet based upon the information we have read

in the complaint and our own observation of shrinking donors. We strongly feel that an external audit needs to be conducted on all of the finances of Mobile Ballet. The current board leadership has lost the confidence of many of its supporters, performers and students.

Douglas & Shannon Bridges