Band: Kristin Diable
Date: Sunday, April 10, at 4 p.m.
Venue: Cathedral Square

Crescent City diva Kristin Diable began her career in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, while still in her teens. Breathtaking vocal performances on stages across her hometown eventually led her to New York City, where she decided to move to help advance her career. However, Louisiana beckoned to return. Diable heeded the call and relocated to New Orleans, a place that brings her spiritual and creative happiness.

“I felt like the creative spirit of New Orleans was much more vibrant and a place that I wanted to be, to be making music and have something to write about,” she said.

Diable will fill Cathedral Square with songs from her latest album, “Create Your Own Mythology.” The album’s title began as an idea for song, but she considers it more of a concept. Diable says people are plagued by the idea of putting standards on life. She feels society tries to dictate “certain career paths and trajectories” to which all should adhere. The collection of songs serves as Diable’s call to “embrace your own and whatever works for you in this world.”

“I think everybody’s path is a little bit different, and we should embrace the idea of that and follow that,” she said. “It’s a running theme in the backbone of a lot of these songs, although it’s not the lyrical content of each of them. The songs are part of that process for me.”

Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson) played a major role in the album’s creation. Diable says Cobb’s extensive knowledge allows him to capture the untarnished essence of every artist with whom he works. She describes him as “the glue that brought all the pieces together,” forming an album characterized by its versatile use of vocal reverb.

“My voice has a lot of haunting qualities to start with,” Diable said. “Making the choices to reverb it out accentuated it further. Dave is real good with that, too. He has a real talent for voices and making it big and at the forefront. I love some reverb to make it sound like you’re in church.”

For those who may miss her SouthSounds performance, Diable will also appear at this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She also will be giving her dedicated fans a listening room-style concert at her home in Bywater, where 30 lucky fans will join her for dinner, drinks and music. After Jazz Fest, Diable will continue to tour and write for her next album, which she hopes to release internationally.