On Thursday, Oct. 12, The Steeple will host a benefit for N.E.S.T. of Mobile, an organization providing support for local at-risk families and children. While the charitable aspect is at the forefront, N.E.S.T. is making the evening more memorable with a performance by Diamond REO 75, featuring local keyboardist William Oppenheimer.

The roots of this band can be traced to Yale University in 1974. As with many college bands, each member’s destiny took them on respective life paths in different parts of the country.

Three years ago, the creative bond between Diamond Reo 75’s members was rekindled at a rehearsal in La Honda, California. Not long after, the band released its EP “Back on the Truck.” This four-song collection uses a nod to classic West Coast rock to provide a nostalgic flashback to the glory days of the jam scene.

Diamond Reo 75’s performance at The Steeple will mark the seventh time the band has played together since it reunited. The crowd can expect cuts from “Back on the Truck” as well as Grateful Dead and The Band covers.

Tickets cost $50 and will be available from Sept. 8 through Ticketfly.