Last year was a big one for Dirty Bourbon River Show. In addition to an appearance at the Voodoo Music Festival, the ragtag group of young New Orleans musicians also completed a very challenging goal. When they first started, they vowed to release two albums a year for their first four years of existence. The band made good on this promise with the December release of their eighth album. According to ringleader/vocalist Big Charlie Skinner, the talent and creativity of the five members made it easy for the band to meet their quota. Living up to its title, “Accordion Anthology” features six “accordion redux” versions of tracks from the band’s previous releases.

The Dirty Bourbon River Band

The Dirty Bourbon River Band

“We just wanted to pay tribute to this beautiful little instrument and have an entire album devoted to it and devoted to our sound reworked over with some accordion in it,” Skinner said.

With their eight-album goal met, Skinner went on to explain that the band will take a break in January. For such a hard working band, this means easing up on touring and writing new material. In February, the band will hit the road with a nationwide tour. Skinner also explained that there are “grand” plans in the future for Dirty Bourbon River Show, but he would not reveal these just yet.

“It’s all about keeping that upward momentum,” Skinner said. “In this day and age, especially since it’s 2014, you gotta keep it fresh and keep it coming.”

Band: Dirty Bourbon River Show

Sun., Jan. 19 at 7 p.m.
Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, 916 Charleston St.,
Tickets: $7 at the door