As of 3 p.m., only about 2,000 District 2 residents had voted in the Mobile City Council runoff. There are more than 18,615 active voters in the district, so the voter turnout at that point, was hovering just above 10 percent.

The runoff between Levon Manzie and Greg Vaughan has not drawn nearly the numbers the mayoral and council races did in the general, but it wasn’t expected to garner much attention from voters.

Clara Washington, a voter at VIA Mary Abbie Berg Senior Center, said she was surprised by the low turnout.

“I didn’t think there would be a lot of people, but I thought there would be more than this,” she said, unaware she had just cast her vote at the precinct with the most activity.

VIA Mary Abbie Berg Senior Center had just more than 550 votes cast.

During the Aug. 28 municipal election, Vaughan had his best showing at Via, receiving 1,069 votes. Manzie took just 268 votes at the same precinct.

The Mobile Civic Center was also one of the more active precincts today. As of mid-afternoon, 486 people had voted. During the previous election, Manzie bested Vaughan with 692 votes to 443 votes, respectively.

Another general election stronghold for Manzie was St. John’s Episcopal Church, which had 300 votes cast by this afternoon. On Aug. 28, Manzie received 662 votes, while Vaughan only managed 178.

Only 230 people had cast their votes at Thomas Sullivan Community Center today when Lagniappe checked in at the precinct. On Aug. 28, Vaughan only had 10 supporters from this precinct and Manzie had an overwhelming 627 votes.

The Springhill Avenue Community Center was just slightly below the Thomas Sullivan Community Center as far as turnout. Springhill had 210 voters. During the general election, Vaughan fared better than Manzie by receiving 261 votes to Manzie’s 172 votes.

The two precincts with the lowest turnouts so far today are also two precincts where Vaughan did very poorly on Aug. 28.

The Plateau Community Center hadn’t even broken the triple digit mark in mid-afternoon. The center had only 87 votes cast. During the Aug. 28 election, Manzie took the majority of the votes in the precinct. He had 266 votes of the 399 ballots cast. Vaughan only received 21 votes.

The worst precinct for Vaughan on Aug. 28 was Bishop State Community College. He only received three votes there while Manzie took 258. However, the college’s turnout by this afternoon was just at 100 votes.

City Clerk Lisa Lambert said 76 absentee ballots were sent in.

Poll workers and watchers at every precinct said there is typically 200 to 300 votes cast after 5 p.m. when voters get off work.

Lagniappe will be covering the runoff election tonight. We will be posting the newest information on Facebook and Twitter.