The next wine dinner at the Fairhope Inn is Aug. 27 and will feature some outstanding selections with wines from Domaine Serene. Guests will enjoy a rosé, a chardonnay, and a couple of pinot noirs with the amazing food Fairhope Inn always delivers. Imagine a tomato tart with goat cheese, sockeye salmon with succotash, Spinalis Ribeye with Yukon Gold and a pinot demi glace. Chocolate Gateaux with raspberries should prove to be an unforgettable dessert.

Seating is limited and begins Wednesday evening at 6:30. The $85 price per person does not include tax or gratuity. Call 251-928-6226 for reservations at the 63 S. Church St. location. While you are at it, ask about Chef Brian Larson from Clancy’s of New Orleans. He is coming Thursday, Sept. 18!

Von’s enters the food truck game

If you have never made it down to Bayou La Batre’s Von’s Restaurant and Grill then start planning your trip now. It is really a bit of a fusion menu of Southern, Asian, southern Asian, and seafood which, hey, let’s face it, sounds spectacular. I would be fine with a spread of loaded bacon cheese fries, spring rolls, an oyster poboy, chicken parmesan, pad Thai and pho.

Seafood fusion is the specialty at Von’s Restaurant and Grill.

Seafood fusion is the specialty at Von’s Restaurant and Grill.

I know some of you are thinking, well, Andy, Bayou La Batre is a pretty good hike. I know, I know. But the good news is Von’s now has a food truck!

Instead of you coming to Von’s, they come to you.

The food truck roams around Mobile County slinging the same style of cuisine the well-appreciated restaurant has for the past couple of years as well as daily specials. The best way to follow the Von’s food truck is by liking them on Facebook or by calling the restaurant at 251-824-1444. Grab that smart phone and plug in 12953 N. Wintzell Avenue, Bayou La Batre and let that food pull you into the restaurant like a tractor beam.

For a glimpse of that expansive yet tempting menu as well as catering options, be sure to check out Keep an eye on this one kids.

Corona Extra recall

If you are a Corona Extra fan then I have some important news for you. This past week Corona, USA and Constellation Brands Beer Division announced a recall of specific bottles of Corona Extra. Apparently tiny pieces of glass are making their way into the bottles due to an error Corona says happened at a third party-run facility that functions as one of their bottle suppliers.

The recall affects only the clear 12-ounce bottles that are shipped in six-pack, 12-pack, and 24-pack cases. Drinkers of the popular Mexican beer will be able to check the alphanumeric code on the neck of the bottles as well as the carton of the 12 and 24 packs.

If you have purchased Corona over the past few days it is strongly recommended that you not drink it until the code is cleared. A list of codes can be found at If you are one of the lucky consumers who caught this before your esophagus was sliced open then you must call 1-866-204-9407 for instructions on reimbursement. This voluntary recall has no effect on Corona Light, any canned products bearing the Corona name, or Corona Extra in the larger bottles.

Do not expect a Corona shortage. Cinco de Mayo is nine months away. But do heed the warning.

Hangover cures

This may not be scientific, but it works if you believe it works.

If you overindulge at Beer Fest this weekend here are some possible hangover cures. Every person’s body is different. Maybe your body needs more or less than what my body needs. Let’s look at the cause and then the solution.

First off you need to rehydrate. Water is probably the best thing for this. A couple of glasses with a little lime juice squeezed in will help wonderfully.

Your potassium should be low if you overindulge. Bananas are great for replenishing the levels.

Salt will be out of whack. Pickles are my favorite for this situation. I’ll even drink the juice. The spicy pickles wake me up in a hurry.

Blood sugar drops after you begin to sober up. Cranberry juice is probably best for this. If you are out then substitute ice cream.

Forgo the Pepto for your stomach ache. Ginger is the key. Sip on a ginger ale or ginger beer or snuggle up to a ginger to get those stomach knots untied.

You may not have time to do all of these at once. My suggestion is to make a banana split topped with spicy pickles with a hint of lime and climb in bed with a wet redhead. I guarantee you’ll feel better. Recycle.