This is a short bite at Gabriel Tynes’ piece in the Oct. 15 issue of Lagniappe (“Numbers indicate clear disparity between Mobile’s black and white communities”). First, I must admit I did read the entire article, which is something I normally do not do.

This issue of diversity is always addressed with the same liberal perception. You know it was Einstein who said, “you can’t solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” This dualistic posturing advocated by Lagniappe is so mundane and totally indicative of the present-day obsession with social engineering that the upholders of “American exceptionalism” are preaching to everyone’s choir.

The premise is historical, inhumane and completely narcissistic. It ignores systemic inadequacies; man, the paradigm itself, is out of place.

The fallacies of white American cultural expression is a misnomer, which everyone can see except whites themselves. They have difficulty realizing they are the models for correct human behavior.

But it is their behavior that has oppressed, discriminated and subjugated the existing minority populations. The historical experience of the black, native born, Mexican and Asian people must be addressed. It cannot be ignored. There can never be inclusion when the systemic model itself is exclusionary.

Freedom dictates self-expression, not imitation. Human beings were created for the purpose of knowing each other, not for aping each other.

Mobile as an urban object has offered to the minority population a negative historical experience. That should be addressed in schools, the entire educational process should know about it. Why? So the systemic impediments can be removed, the psychological mindset can be completely eradicated. It is the source of our apathy, it has made us look and feel bad about ourselves. The purpose of self-improvement has to be more than filling a quota.

The statistical data quoted in the article is a reflection of a present-day discriminatory system that any intelligent person should be ashamed to know even existed. Mobile Metro Jail? Who is working and who is not working? How much is your house worth? It’s a tale of two cities.

What is the nature of these inadequacies? The privileged class cannot and will not offer any solution to this problem, not as long as they are beneficiaries of it.

I had the privilege of interacted with a group of young white kids and one thing that came out of our dialogue was that they had no real knowledge as to how to address the urban ills of the present-day society, but they knew they did not want to behave like their ancestors in the past.

Wali A. Rahman, Mobile