Mr. Colby Cooper,

Up to this point, I had considered Mr. Stimpson an above-average mayor, leading Mobile with good judgment and wise decisions. I had likewise assumed that Mr. Stimpson had surrounded himself with equally capable and wise counselors. Today, I have discovered, to my sorrow, that this is not the case.

Mobile’s heritage trees are a fitting ornament to the richness in character that our city enjoys. Your actions to have a representation of that character, in a city park no less, destroyed for mere vanity to appease and impress reveals the lack of character in yourself and anyone who agreed to this act of vandalism.

Your response to the well-deserved chorus of disapproval is to pledge to be more sensitive going forward. I think many in the voting public would agree that this would not be sufficient. Mobile apparently would be best served by your immediate resignation with a promise never to be involved in Mobile’s governance.

If you don’t have enough shame to accomplish it yourself, I would hope that Mayor Stimpson would exercise the judgment to remove you from your position.

With appropriate respect,

Alex Killian