Our social calendars are too full. There is just no way we can get to all that’s going on along our beautiful Gulf Coast. But that doesn’t stop us from trying. And trust me, the spies and I have been doing just that. Our heads hurt and our eyes are puffy, but we do it all for you, you little gossip-hungry fiends.

So go ahead and dive right in!

Cajun Cook-off a huge hit
Last Saturday, the inaugural Cajun Cook-off at Cathedral Square in downtown Mobile exceeded expectations and drew in thousands. It was so packed organizers kept getting on stage and apologizing saying, they had only expected 500 people for the first year and promising next year they would bring in three beer trucks.

But no one really seemed to mind the lines or crowd, as the music was good, the food was spectacular and the beer was cold. And the beer lines actually moved pretty quickly. Kids danced on the lawn to the music of Glass Joe (or was it Glass Andy?), Stereo Dogs and Harrison McInnis. The Stereo Dogs seemed to catch everyone’s fancy in particular. This jamming band of high schoolers pumped out several ‘80s hits and the guitar player even ripped out a great rendition of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption.”

FOX 10 won the People’s Choice Award and TP Crockmier’s had the “Best Decorated Booth.” The overall awards for best dishes went to: The Garage (1st Place), The Mediterranean Sandwich Company (2nd Place) and The Brickyard (3rd Place).

Kudos to all of the organizers for an amazing inaugural and very fun and family-friendly event. And for them listening to the joke, “This is so big, you probably need to move this to The Grounds next year” at least a 100 times each.

After the event, downtown bars were full! Mission accomplished!

Go on vacation, come home on probation
It that’s time of year, when the azaleas are blooming, the birds are chirping and Yankee Spring Breakers are peeing themselves and trashing our beaches. Gulf Shores Police Department had enough of their shenanigans and their Twitter feed over the last couple of weeks has been simultaneously sad and entertaining, as they have been featuring the acts of stupid teenagers. God, the Boozester is so glad she didn’t grow up in the age of social media!

They had a pic of a kid (with his face blurred out) who had clearly peed himself and a Vine of a kid they drove up on who was so drunk, as he try to hide his beer under his arm it’s like he just lost control of his fingers and dropped the beer on the ground.

They even posted a warning on their own social media page which ended with, “if your top priorities when visiting the beach are being drunk and disorderly, breaking what you consider to be small rules like littering and leaving glass on the beach; urinating in public, using drugs or engaging in violent or indecent behavior, Gulf Shores may not be for you. This is your warning.”

Go on with your bad self, GSPD! Don’t let those punks mess our beaches up!

Miss Loretta celebrates 19

A fan, left, tries on Miss Loretta’s wig recently.

A fan, left, tries on Miss Loretta’s wig recently.

One of the area’s favorite drag queen performers marked her 19th anniversary in the biz at the Midtown Pub on Florida Street last Saturday night, March 21. Miss Loretta, who was featured in a Swedish reality show as one of the “100 Most Interesting Americans,” a few years back, dazzled attendees with her songs and even handed out commemorative photo buttons marking the occasion. One fan even got to try on one of her wigs and take a pic. Congrats to Miss Loretta on another great and successful year!

Matisyahu poses with Mob-towners
I don’t have a lot to report from AeroFest, as from all accounts the fest had a bit of a problem getting off the ground its first year and attendance was low. But I did have a few spies who said they actually got to pose for pics with Matisyahu, or as Boozie called him mistakenly for 10 years, Modest Yahoo. So that’s pretty cool.

Spotted in WeMo
A man walking down Airport and Hillcrest on March 24 around 12:30 p.m. wearing what appeared to be a long red choir robe or poncho and an upside down red visor. Ohhhhhh-kayyyy.

Well kids, just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Loretta wig lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!