When Sandy Stimpson was campaigning for mayor, he promised an open-door policy. But when he won the election, the door was closed to the ordinary people. After several attempts to visit him in [his] office, I finally achieved a short telephone conversation with him.

My primary concern was the city retirees’ insurance, which was one of the first on his agenda to cut or reduce. He said the retirees’ insurance was unsustainable. He claimed in a letter that he was offering a “win-win” plan. It was a take it or leave it, no options.

He claimed the replacement plan was equal to or better than the current one — it’s not! The monthly fee is higher and the co-pay is extremely higher. He stated in his letter that it would save the city $2.5 million by cutting the 700 retirees’ insurance.

Soon after, he announced his plans for a Mardi Gras park for $2 million, but in a recent newscast he said it will cost approximately $4 million more to finish the project.

I realize Stimpson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is used to getting what he wants, but do we the people owe him these individual, selfish ambitions?

Lately, all the City Council members seem to be rubber-stamping all the mayor’s requests.

Recently, a friend who lives off Dauphin Island Parkway called his council representative requesting the removal of some tree limbs, which were blocking sidewalks, causing school children and others to walk in the street to avoid them. The council member said he would have to run it by the mayor before they could cut the limbs.

The mayor seems to enjoy taking credit for accomplishments, but shifting blame to someone else for complaints and mistakes he makes.

The retirees are among the low-income people in Mobile Stimpson shows no regard for. We need a mayor who will be a considerate and unbiased representative for all the people. Stimpson is not that person.

William C. Collier