District 32 State Senate candidate Jason Fisher knows a little about long odds. On Nov. 6 he’ll face Republican Chris Elliott, who has raised more than half a million dollars to Fisher’s $20,000 or so.

Baldwin County Democrats hosted a fundraiser for Fisher at LuLu’s on Aug. 9 with the keynote speaker recently elected U.S. Sen. Doug Jones.

Fisher told two personal stories to underscore how he’s faced long odds before. His daughter was born prematurely and spent more than 130 days in intensive care. Two years later his wife later died of a rare complication. He told the crowd his daughter, now 9, had a disease so rare it occurs in one of every 55,000 live births. Doctors said his wife’s illness leading to a fatality happens in one out of every one million cases.

“When somebody tells me ‘ah that’s a long shot for a Democrat from Baldwin County to be elected to the State Senate’ I kind of chuckle,” Fisher said. “I say I know a little bit about long odds and I’m up to that challenge.”

During his speech and plea for contributions to Fisher’s campaign, Jones told the crowd how it feels just going to work every day knowing he is representing the reddest Republican state in the country as a blue Democrat, a feeling he wants Fisher to experience.

“Without you, all of you, I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning during the week and walk to the Russell Senate Office Building and walk past this big brass sign outside a big door that says ‘Doug Jones, Senator, Alabama,’” Jones the crowd in Gulf Shores.

“You could tell a difference in the United States Senate when all of a sudden there was a Democrat from Alabama,” Jones said. “Let me tell you something. In Montgomery, Alabama, you’re going to be able to tell one hell of a difference when there’s a Democrat from Baldwin County walking in that State Senate.”

About 200 Democrats showed up at LuLu’s to raise money for Fisher. Of the money he has raised, Fisher had a balance of about $4,100 on July 31. The Aug. 9 contributions aren’t included.

That’s a far cry from the $530,000 raised by Elliott. He has spent $521,000 of that total and had about $9,100 in his campaign chest on July 31.

Between June 1 and July 29 Elliott raised more than $200,000 in contributions from several political action committees. Jones implored the crowd at LuLu’s to contribute to Fisher’s campaign in the face of this daunting deficit.

“He’s going to have to have your help,” Jones said. “Not just to knock on doors and put signs out like you did for me but to write those checks. There’s lots of competition for those dollars. He needs you to dig down and when I mean dig down and dig deeper because these races and state senate races are expensive.”