Everybody put your hands together and sing, “It’s fun to eat at the YMCA!” Especially if it’s the Moorer YMCA at 101 N. Water St. Through its doors you’ll find the Nourish Café, specializing in whole food, made-from-scratch sandwiches, daily soups, wraps, grain bowls and smoothies.

Their whiteboard window pane menu is loaded with deliciousness such as stuffed sweet potatoes, plenty of proteins to add to salads, lots of rotating kale dishes and a few items I’m uncertain how to pronounce, so you know they must be healthy.

The most impressive descriptions are of the daily soups. Curry-roasted cauliflower chickpea soup sounds really good, as does mushroom brie. Build-your-own smoothies take up a good portion of the menu with a massive list of options.

It’s one more chance to eat healthy and start the New Year off right.

Nourish has only been open since September but is followed by many upstanding members of the healthy-eating community. Open Monday through Friday, you can taste the goodness between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Get yourself clean, have a good meal and then do whatever you feel!

Gumbo Academy coming
If you are the kind of person who seeks continuing education where it counts, then it’s high time you enroll in this year’s Gumbo Academy. Head professor Bettie Champion is always ready to explode some knowledge onto receptive Gulf Coast residents who want to learn more about their food heritage and its most important dish. The Alabama Arts Council has awarded her a grant to help facilitate the two-part class.

For the lecture portion of the class, you have a choice of days — Monday, Jan. 16, or Tuesday, Jan. 17 — at 5:30 p.m. in Government Street United Methodist Church (901 Government St., Mobile). This hour-long lecture includes gumbo history, preparation, instruction and informational handouts including the recipe, which has been tried and tested by many.

After the initial lecture, students will be scheduled in pairs at their convenience for the lab section of the class. This is the hands-on cooking portion and can be scheduled morning, evening or afternoon. Experienced and novice cooks alike will learn to make a basic seafood gumbo complete with shrimp and crabmeat, beginning with roux preparation and ending with a finished gallon of gumbo. All you need to bring is your stock pot. Ingredients are provided.

Cost for the two classes and the gumbo to take home to your family is just $75. For more information email Bettie Champion at championbettie@hotmail.com or call 251-458-1570.

Church’s celebrates 65
2017 is a big year for Church’s Chicken as it reaches the ripe old age of 65. To celebrate this milestone, Church’s is bringing back its most popular limited-time offer in history.

Honey Butter Biscuit Tenders, which became available Jan. 1, are a mash-up of the brand’s two most famous menu items, chicken and biscuits. The hand-battered chicken is dipped in biscuit batter before being fried to the usual golden brown. This is paired with sweet honey-butter dipping sauce.

Get them while they’re hot! And recycle!