Band: The Dukes
Date: Sunday, June 25, with doors at 8 p.m.
Venue: Alchemy Tavern, 7 S. Joachim St., 251-441-7741
Tickets: Free

Alchemy Tavern is bringing a taste of Van’s Warped Tour 2017 to downtown Mobile for an evening of free entertainment from a unique musical project — The Dukes.

These days, guitar/drum duos are not uncommon, but this French duo has turned the combination into a sonic war machine that inundates, both visually and aurally. Francois “Shanka” Maigret and Greg Jacks bring rock fury, accenting their live set with a wave of light and animation.

While the band prepares for their next release, the band’s sound can be sampled through their last album, “Smoke Against the Beat.” Each song is a raucous mix of raw, grimy guitars and intense drum beats. The Dukes take this sound into another world with volley after volley of electronic and ambient goodness.

Their show at Alchemy Tavern will not be for the faint of heart.