The Untz is the online epicenter for all of the latest in EDM entertainment. The performance will bring two of The Untz finest electronic entertainers to LoDa. Ohio-based DJ Spankalicious will be filling Alchemy with an onslaught of psychedelic bounce and live drum action. Many have caught “Spanky” sharing the stage with notable acts such as Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic. He has also provided memorable sets at the Wakarusa and Camp Bisco music festivals. The DJ can ease the crowd into a mellow roll with a warm embrace of ambient noise and rhythmic beats.

Galaxe will bring a little Spanish flair with his set. Galaxe specializes in an array of house beats and while he keeps it traditional with his style, he has the tendency to mash up exotic European sounds into his sets. Galaxes should have even the most uncoordinated dancing to his mix-ups and mash-ups.

The Untz presents Spankalicious and Galaxe
Date: Friday, Nov. 21, 9 p.m.
Venue: Alchemy Tavern, 7 S. Joachim St.,
Tickets: $8 at the door