I really appreciated your editorial on Herman Thomas (“Herman and Roy, peas in a pod,” Nov. 16). I sat near him at the recent Pritchard rally for Doug Jones. Thomas was busily politicking the crowd, doing a better job of hand shaking than Jones. I sat there remembering his saga and also, like yourself, comparing to Ol’ Roy.

I am a USNA graduate and career Marine officer that was in the first classes and training for the new Uniform Code of Military Justice that included the violations of law on sex crimes.

I have note that poor Kayla Moore has offered the defense that Ol’ Roy is/was an officer and gentleman. As a West Point graduate decades after the UCMJ was enacted into law, Roy was subject to those laws and penalties. He was trained as troop leader on sex crimes and punishment. He did it upon his return to civilian life, but he knew the law, and he broke it.

The U.S. Congress passed the UCMJ laws; all they have to do is abide by their own law and accept the punishments established. The Groper-in-Chief and the Senate candidate groper would be relieved of duty and imprisoned for their acts. Yeah, as an experienced veteran of UCMJ courts-martial, I know about investigations, evidence, trials, defense, sentencing, etc. All the deviant sexual behavior is not manly, sane, leadership at the highest levels.

I note Rep. Martha Roby was the sole member of the Alabama delegation that had enough character to stick to her criticism of the groper-in-chief. But you have served our citizenry exceedingly well by calling out Thomas and friends, and Ol’ Roy.

Let me state that honesty, truth, credibility and virginity share a common value … you can lose it with one act. To hell with statutes of limitation. OK, there is the second chance and the repenting of sins, blah, blah … But you elect them to positions of power and leadership at your own jeopardy.

Semper Fi,
Jim Eddins