It was a long, hot, wet summer, and even though it still feels like summer, since I can’t wear white pants anymore and football is back on the tube, I guess it’s fall.

I love fall in Mobile – it’s good for the gossip biz. Not only do we have football parties every weekend, we also have BayFest, Shrimpfest, GreekFest and Halloween shenanigans to look forward to. I can almost smell the gyros, shrimp and candy corn.

But before we start thinking of recipes for candy corn, we have a little late summer gossip to attend to.

So let’s get going…

Reality TV back in Mob-town…again

I mean, let’s face it, we all know just how fascinating we are, so I guess we should not be surprised at all there was yet another reality TV show showcasing all we had to offer. Oh but wait, this time it focused on all we don’t.

On Sunday, Sept. 1, ABC aired a show called “Secret Millionaire.” The show sees a different “undercover” philanthropist visit an impoverished area of a community each episode and at the end, he or she donates money to the charities they deem most worthy. Mobile got a visit from Wing Lam, a California businessman who co-owns a chain of fish taco restaurants.

Though he spent a lot of his time in Bayou La Batre, they referred to it only as Mobile. He also spent a good bit of time at 15 Place downtown. Let’s just say Mobile and the “Bayou now known as Mobile” could have looked better. But I guess that really wouldn’t have made Lam look as awesome. I mean he was supposed to be saving us, so TV editors did what TV editors do and made it fit with their story line.

But I did get a chuckle at one shot. They must have filmed this during BayFest, because they showed a shot of a downtown street, which was lined with Port-a-lets from one end to the other, with no mention they were there for a special event. Yes, America, our downtown streets are always lined with boxes of treated sewage.

Anyway, I’m sure the very deserving charities and families who received checks were ecstatic, but I really hate our sweet Mobile was not portrayed as her best self.

Mayor Elect’s victory party was the place to be

Mayor Elect Sandy Stimpson held his victory night party at Fort Whiting on election night Tues., Aug. 27, and the atmosphere was electric. There were about a 1,000 people there throughout the evening and even before the results started coming in, folks were in good spirits, due in part to the open bar, I’m sure. Woot! Woot!

As results from local TV came in across the big screen and it became obvious Stimpson would win, people started screaming and when he took the stage to make his victory speech, “Don’t Stop Believing,” was playing and people were chanting, “Sandy! Sandy! Sandy!”

Loads of politicos were in attendance, including city council folks, including council veterans, Fred Richardson, Gina Gregory and Bess Rich, and newcomer Joel Daves, county commissioners Jerry Carl and Connie Hudson and DA Ashley Rich, among others. Former city councilperson Clinton Johnson was also there.

Stimpson, and his lovely wife Jean, made the rounds, thanking supporters, but the party was still going even after they left.

Osiris king and queen get decadent

Mobile’s oldest alternative Mardi Gras society’s royalty, Order of Osiris’ King Bryan and Queen Traci, walked in the 42nd Annual Southern Decadence Parade in New Orleans Labor Day Weekend, along with some fellow Osiris members. This was the first time the organization has ever been invited to do so. Southern Decadence is the largest gay event in New Orleans and is a big street party and parade that takes place in the French Quarter. Our spies said it was fun, but was “hot as hell.” Well, it was New Orleans on the second day of September.

There’s a club for bad decisions? Where do I sign up?

Boozie’s spies have learned that members of the mysterious group called “The BDC of the UMSD” have installed flags at Callaghan’s under the dark of night. The BDC of UMSD stands for The Bad Decisions Committee of the Underground MOBTown Social Disorder. They decided to reward the Oakleigh establishment for winning the Nappie for Best Live Music with a flag that said “Hot Meat, Cold Beer, Live Music” and, like many bad decisions, why place one flag when you could place two. The other one honors the group itself, which usually holds committee meetings several times a week at the OGD watering hole.

“Keep up the good work JT — It’s never a bad decision to host great music,” said one BDC member.

And BDC members please keep me abreast of your shenanigans. Boozie loves bad decisions, especially under the cover of night.

Well kids, that’s all I have for this one. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ bad decision lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!