Santa baby, just slip a bottle of booze under the tree for me. Been an awful good girl, Santa baby. OK, I’ll stop there. Boozie is ready for the ho ho holidaze! We are in the final days before Christmas when everyone tries to squeeze everything in, but it’s nothing this ol’ gossip gal can’t handle. Boozie took it easy to prepare for Lagniappe’s Christmas party; much like the Nappie Awards, people can get a little out of hand. But I scooped up some gossip to keep you entertained until next week.  

Santa’s helpers set record
This past Friday night, Bienville Square was filled with scores of Santa’s helpers in an attempt to set a world record. Unfortunately some elves didn’t make the trip down from the North Pole in time.

Boozie is told Bienville Square was packed with elves, but not packed enough to beat the world record held by a group from Bangkok, Thailand. The world record is 1,762 elves gathered in one spot. Mobile was about 300 short, but this year there were well over 200 more people than last year. Boozie thinks with our good Elfapalooza track record, Mobile will be the world record holder next year. So keep it up, Mobile! We did score the record for most elves gathered in one spot in North America, so there’s that!

This past weekend Boozie saw one of the bigger weddings she has attended in a while, as Hunt Griffith and Mary Angela Martin tied the knot at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception downtown.

The wedding was followed by a snazzy reception at the Alabama Cruise Ship Terminal. Boozie must admit to being blown away by how the terminal was decorated for the party. Everything was draped in white — perfect with Christmas just days away. A light snow outside would have completed the scene, but the closest we got to that in this unseasonably warm December might be the ice skating rink in Cooper Riverside Park.

It was easy to see that “Society Shell” still plays a big role in Mobile life, as the room was filled with lots of regulars of the gas station at the corner of Ann and Government streets, operated by the Griffiths for decades.

Best wishes for the newlyweds.

Reality check
The Ol’ Boozester feels bad that I’ve left y’all wondering about all the reality TV gossip. Between Christmas shopping for my naughty list and celebrating Jesus’ birth the only way I know how — parties, that is — I’ve slipped in my gossip queen duties. So I would like to apologize and please accept the following gossip as a make up for all that I missed.

True to form
First up, is Mobile native and chef Wesley True. Around here Wesley was known for owning True Midtown Kitchen (located just below Lagniappe headquarters) and True in Legacy Village. Boozie hated to see the restaurants close, but that didn’t stop Wesley. He went on to open a restaurant in Montgomery and then became the executive chef at The Optimist in Atlanta.

Now he’s vying to be the next “Top Chef” on Bravo’s hit show and against some pretty tough competition. Though he is no longer in the Port City, Wesley’s bio states he was born and raised in Mobile. Not only that, he also mentioned in the first episode that he was from Mobile. Thanks for the shout out!

We are cheering for you down in here in Mob-Town, Wesley! And, if you’re ever in town and need a taste tester, Boozie can lend a helping hand, or fork.

Shelby sings swan song on “The Voice”
Next up is local songstress Shelby Brown. Shelby is from Elberta and has been rocking “The Voice” stage since day one. In blind auditions Shelby had all four chairs turn and she picked Adam Levine to be her coach.

Shelby got her start singing karaoke at Gulf Bowl bowling alley in Elberta. She won a few contests and moved on to bigger contests including “The Voice.” Only 16, Shelby made it all the way to the semifinals, the furthest any area artist has made it on “The Voice.” Last year Cary Laine from Citronelle made it to the Battle Rounds before being eliminated. Hats off to both girls.

Shelby will make another appearance on “The Voice,” performing on the season finale with the other top 24 contestants. And that’s not all we’ll be seeing from Shelby. She posted on Facebook: “I never would’ve thought I would even have the chance to have a blind audition, let alone be a semifinalist on ‘The Voice.’ And for that I’m thankful. If anything were to come out of this, I pray that I was an example and an inspiration… And I hope you have your seatbelt buckled because I am not done.”

Boozie is ready for whatever Shelby has in store, and we hope to see her do some area shows like Cary Laine has. Maybe they could do one together!

Prancing into the next season
Boozie hears our favorite dance troupe, The Prancing Elites, prepared for the next season of their television show by filming a promotional video at a house in MiMo and other spots around town.

The Elites recently spent a few days at a charming house tucked away on Julia Street getting ready for the new season of “The Prancing Elites Project,” which airs on the Oxygen Network. They were also seen filming at area restaurants such as Buck’s Pizza and Moe’s BBQ. Don’t forget Boozie reported their performance at the American Cancer Society’s Vintage Affair Late Night Party back in October. Be sure to check out the new season of the “empowering docu-series,” which starts Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. local time.

Last but not least: Boozie, knowing all the gossip, has heard a couple from Mobile will be on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” No word on which houses they look at or which area of town, but Boozie does know the episode will air in June.

Oh, and no worries, Boozie won’t tell anyone the show is staged. Oops, sorry, it just slipped out. I will keep your names a secret, though. XO.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ elf lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!