Established 36 years ago in Mobile, a group of locals created Computer Programs and Systems Inc., better known today by its stock-ticker acronym CPSI. The goal of the founders was to fill a void in technology for hospitals in rural communities throughout the country.

At the time, these facilities couldn’t deliver health care services in many such areas on par with larger centers in bigger cities. CPSI developed a software solution that automated medical data to assist with just that. The company helped smaller hospitals manage information flow on a level previously found only in massively staffed urban centers. This development in turn helped rural facilities enhance their performance in such areas as critical care, cost control and regulatory compliance.

In 2013, aware of important changes coming to health care, CPSI created TruBridge, a separate subsidiary devoted entirely to products and services for the business-office needs of community health care providers.

In April 2015, a subsidiary named Evident was established to deliver and support advanced electronic health record (EHR) solutions for CPSI’s client base.

CPSI staff pose with a client hospital.

CPSI staff pose with a client hospital.

Today, CPSI and its subsidiaries service 650 small hospital clients in 46 states. CPSI is not only considered one of the leaders in this space, but a technological innovator as well.
CPSI was ranked the leading EHR vendor for hospitals with fewer than 100 beds five years’ running by Black Book Rankings. Twenty hospitals in subsidiary Evident were recognized by Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine in its 2014 “Most Wired” survey.

“CPSI was founded in 1979 by Denny Wilkins and Kenny Muscat. They deserve all the credit for making CPSI the great company it is today,” said Boyd Douglas, CPSI president and CEO. “In forming [CPSI], they wanted to create a company where Mobilians could have a career, not just a job. Without a doubt they were successful in doing so. Many of the principles and ideas they promoted are still in place today and are what makes CPSI such a unique and special place.”

To date, CPSI and its subsidiaries employ 1,369 people full-time at six locations, with profit sharing received by all who have been with company more than three years. Their benefits package also includes a free onsite health clinic.

“We are thrilled to have won the Nappie Award this year as ‘Best Local Company to Work For,’ as chosen by the Lagniappe readers. We truly feel there is a very unique culture here. Having our service teams travel together to client hospitals across the country seems to create a very fun, family atmosphere as well,” Douglas said.

“Our policy of promoting from within is taken seriously,” he added. “Both CFO David Dye and I speak in front of every training class for new hires. I went through the same class in 1988 when we only had around 30 people working here. The message sent is, ‘Look, we were in your shoes once and if you work hard here, the sky can truly be the limit.’”