Photo | Toni Rials | Madison Grace

Band: Madison Grace Single Release Party
Date: Saturday, July 14, 8 p.m.
Venue: The Listening Room of Mobile, 78 St. Francis St.,
Tickets: $15; call 251-367-4599 for reservations

Before this release party, singer-songwriter Madison Grace will appear on the MOB Music Fest stage to give a sample of her dreamy, homegrown tunes. This singer-songwriter released her first album, “Equilibrium of Contradiction,” when she was 17. Using her work at the piano as a foundation, Grace delivered 10 beautiful pop tracks filled with thoughtful lyrics in her seductively hypnotic voice. Depending on the setting, Grace’s music also showcases a unique versatility. When performing with a full band, her songs are explosive pop masterpieces. When she’s armed only with her piano, her sound takes on a personality falling somewhere between Diana Krall and Tori Amos.

Grace will take advantage of The Listening Room of Mobile to introduce the audience to her new single, “The Void,” which she has already previewed — a cappella style — on social media. “The Void” features a vocal delivery that finds its strength through rhythmic intricacy. Lyrically, this song is a testament of a person who fills their emotional void through any means necessary, regardless of how it affects the speaker or those around them.