Mobile’s first Christian dance studio, Kallie’s Cheer & Gymnastics, is going stronger than ever thanks to its owner, Kallie Trippe, who proclaims without the love and support of family and her faith in God, this success wouldn’t be possible. Moving to a larger facility in close range of the Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds, the Christian-based dance business is expanding and adding more activities for students.

Combining her love for God and passion for dancing, Trippe established the inspirational business nearly three years ago in hopes of promoting self-worth and confidence in adolescents in a Christian environment.

“This business was started as a ministry to show the love of Jesus to our students and their families. Our main goal is to build our students’ confidence as well as their self-esteem while showing compassion at the same time,” Trippe said.

(Photo | Courtesy of Kallie Trippe) Kallie Trippe leads her 9 to 12-year-old gymnastics/tumbling class in a prayer before practice.

(Photo | Courtesy of Kallie Trippe) Kallie Trippe leads her 9 to 12-year-old gymnastics/tumbling class in a prayer before practice.

Trippe, 31, danced in elementary school, cheered in middle and high school, and was nominated All American Cheerleader her senior year. Over the years she has worked with many different companies teaching dance, tumbling and cheer.

It has always been a passion to start her very own dance business, and Trippe wanted it to be unlike any other in the Port City.

Although most dance studios tend to play pop or hip-hop music, Trippe is adamant in teaching her students they can still have fun dancing, tumbling and cheering with Christian music. She even allows prayer before each practice and recital.

“We believe in teaching our students to dance and dress in a modest way and that you can still have fun with Christian music,” Trippe said.

Faith is what inspires the mother of three to keep Kallie’s Cheer & Gymnastics flourishing. Although it hasn’t been an easy journey — relocating her business several times over the past few years, searching for larger facilities better equipped to the business’s needs — Trippe says she’s content with relocating a fourth time due to the newest facility’s significant size.

Unlike the studio’s former locations the new facility, at 7361 Zeigler Blvd. across from The Grounds, is twice the size and features a much larger gymnastics area and dance room, as well as an outdoor playground equipped with a swing set, outdoor space dome climber and four-station merry-go-round, among other outdoor play toys.

“I started this business almost three years ago with nothing to my name, not even a piece of equipment. God has blessed this business tremendously! We just keep moving up every year and will continue to do so,” Trippe said.

On March 5, Kallie’s Cheer & Gymnastics will be hosting an open house for the general public from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., to see the new facility and discover the full potential of what the dance studio has to offer. Parents can get pricing information and even sign up their children the same day. There will be refreshments for all and fun activities such as bounce houses and playground and gym areas for kids to play. Trippe doesn’t discriminate when it comes to any disabilities or special needs, and offers classes for special-needs students.

Born with a rare medical condition known as Matthew-Wood syndrome, 12-year-old Bethani Eddins was born without eyes. Also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Eddins is faced with challenges every day. Her mother, Robin Cole, enrolled the “walking miracle” in a special-needs gymnastics class offered by Kallie’s Cheer & Gymnastics.

“Kallie is great when it comes to talking with Bethani and guiding her through the steps of each move,” Cole said. “It also relaxes me that Kallie is so comfortable with her because most of the time I’m looking for something to excuse on behalf of Bethani’s behavior.”

Trippe has worked with several children with disabilities, disorders and physical limitations and said her special-needs students help her realize nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

“Working with special-needs children is unlike anything you could imagine. Seeing their smiling faces coming in every week, waiting to do their thing is absolutely amazing,” she said.

For more information about Kallie’s Cheer & Gymnastics, contact 251-401-5841 or visit and on Facebook.