Band: Love the Hate Album Release Party
Date: Saturday, May 19, 9 p.m.
Venue: Touchdown Tavern, 5441 U.S. Route 90 W., 251-622-7543
Tickets: Call for more info.

Love the Hate could be one of the most tenacious and committed rock outfits in the Azalea City. Drawing inspiration from such mainstream metal outfits as Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin, Frank Killian (guitar), Leon Craft (bass) and Johnny Love (drums) mix intricate guitar work with thundering rhythms, creating a path for frontman Butch Howell’s soaring vocal work.

Love the Hate will be celebrating the release of its EP “Burn.” Off the Grid will open.

On “Burn,” Love the Hate drops into a modern perception of American society with the anthemic “Bleed the Weak.” The EP provides undeniable contrast to “Bleed the Weak” with the album’s title track. Instrumentally, the quartet channels Love the Hate’s rage into a sonic concentration tamed by Howell’s vocals. This collection is a perfect cross-section of the band’s sound and a perfect introduction for new listeners.