Lagniappe has published several stories about the success local acts have had with the fundraising website Kickstarter. It allows bands to set a monetary goal and collect funds from supporters in order to finance a variety of projects.

In return, the artist provides investors with rewards based on the level of their donations. For their part, the bands have to meet or exceed their fundraising goals to receive the money.

Underhill Family Orchestra and (more recently) Lisa Mills have had great success with their experiences on Kickstarter. After Lagniappe published a recent story on Mills’ Kickstarter campaign, she later revealed that reader investment allowed her to reach her goal.

Eric Erdman is the latest local musician to put the philanthropy of his fans to the test. Mobile has followed Erdman as he released two solo albums and travelled the world spreading his music.


With all the live experience, Erdman has also been busy penning new songs. Now, he is ready to lay down tracks for his next release, and has just the right place in mind.

“I lived in the Shoals working at FAME Recording Studios for Rick Hall for six years,” Erdman said. “During my time there I fell in love with the people, places and music. It is my second home. Therefore, when I returned from my previous tours overseas with a backpack full of songs, I knew where I needed to take them to get them recorded with grit and realness: Muscle Shoals.”

Erdman has set a $15,000 goal for his project. Any extra money generated will go to promoting the album’s upcoming release.

The first tier of rewards begins with a $10 investment, which will return an early release of the album in a digital format to supporters. Those who pledge the maximum $500 amount will get to spend the day in the studio with Erdman, will receive a custom song, plus two tickets to a private launch party and many more gifts.
Erdman also sees the Kickstarter campaign as a chance for his fans to participate in the creation of his newest album.

“I have an amazing group of friends and fans,” said Erdman. “I’m eternally thankful for them and the fact they have allowed me to chase my dreams. I really feel like I have a team behind me. But up until now it has been me creating things for them. I really like the idea of making this album with them.”