Changes to the group responsible for planning the MoonPie Drop will not affect the New Year’s Eve celebration in any way the organization’s new president said the day after being installed.

Board members of Events Mobile, Inc., the organization created in October 2012 to plan city events, met Nov. 13 to discuss the looming MoonPie Drop New Year’s Eve. During the meeting, former city of Mobile spokeswoman Barbara Drummond resigned from the board, which left an opening for president. Carol Hunter, who is with Downtown Mobile Alliance, was selected to be the new president of the board.

“The only thing that isn’t in place is the talent, and of course that is a big piece,” Hunter said. “It is something that has been in the works for about a month so hopefully we can make an announcement next week.”

The organization is also cleaning up another issue — losing its non-profit status.

Under federal law, non-profits are required to file a Form-990, which annually details the organization’s mission, programs and finances. Events Mobile, Inc. has not filed the 990 for 2012. Typically an organization still has non-profit status by the IRS until it does not file the 990 for three consecutive years.

The current version of the Events Mobile, Inc. started in May 2012. However, it is actually a revamped version of a 1994 non-profit started by Phillip Kent Baxley, who was a Mobile attorney.

Since the group had not filed its 990 in several years, the new version of Events Mobile, Inc. had to file the form in December of 2012 to keep its non-profit status. The organization did not so the IRS did an automatic revocation of exemption for the group. An IRS official confirmed Nov. 7 that the group no longer has its non-profit status.

However, Hunter said the group is in the process of regaining its status as a non-profit.

One question that has still been unanswered is how Events Mobile, Inc. received $207,345 in governmental support.

The city of Mobile approved giving the organization $72,345.42 on Oct. 30, 2012, which means the group received $134,999.58 more from other governmental sources.

Another source, the Mobile County Marketing Fund, gave the group $25,000. The fund’s money comes from lodging taxes and is controlled by the Mobile County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Interested groups are able to apply for support from the fund.

Vanessa Washington with MCCVB said the group was only given $25,000 in 2012.

Even with the $25,000 from the marketing fund, there is still an unaccounted for $109,998.58 given to Events Mobile by government sources, according to the audit.

Hunter said she is unaware of where all the money came from at press time, but would work to find out from where the support came.