Dear Mr. Holbert,

In your Nov. 15 column, “Herman and Roy — peas in a pod,” you did a good job of detailing the path former circuit court judge Herman Thomas took to dodging the prosecutions against him on the way to the loss of his law license. Beyond that you may err in supposing Roy Moore has anything in common with Thomas other than that they were both once judges.

Inherent in the assessment of any sexual assault allegation is the requirement to look at the possibility of bias or secondary motives. You may have failed to take into account the New York Times reporters going house to house knocking on doors in Etowah County asking if anyone wants to tell them anything about Roy Moore (as reported on “Capitol Journal” Nov. 17).

You may have failed to take into account the fact that powerful forces in the Democratic Party would like to change the balance of power in the U.S. Senate by seizing one of Alabama’s senate seats. You may have failed to consider how the Republican Party establishment spent millions of dollars to defeat Roy Moore in the Republican Primary and failed and is desperate to defeat him still. All of these factors greatly raise the possibility of secondary motives which must be considered to be fair to Moore.

The yearbook mentioned in your article was not submitted for authentication by Gloria Allred as requested, so that piece of alleged “evidence” is invalidated. The rumor that Roy Moore was once banned from the local mall has been determined untrue through interviews with the mall management.

There is really no evidence to support the allegations against Roy Moore as there was against Thomas, and the timing of the surfacing of the allegations under the above-mentioned circumstances should make any objective, fair-minded person take a second, more thoughtful look.

G. Smith Davis,