Say: Come, I will recite unto you that which your Lord hath made a sacred duty for you: that ye ascribe nothing as partner unto Him (G-d) and that ye do good to parents, and that ye slay not your children because of penury- We provide for you and for them- and that ye draw not nigh to lewd things whether open or concealed. And that ye slay not the life which Allah (G-d) hath made sacred, save in the course of justice. This He (G-d) hath commanded you, in order that ye may discern.
Holy Qur’an Chapter 6 verse 51

Our prayers for the souls of those who lost their lives in Paris because of horrific violence acted out randomly against innocent victims that were not at war or in battle array. Prayers to the families that have to deal with this tragedy for many years to come.

Our religion, the religion of Al Islam, asks of us to stand out firmly for what is right even when it’s against yourselves. This was a terrible act of violence and terrorism and the reality of these situations is that we suffer as a human family. Here in the United States of America we have to stand firmly together and not be separated on the fundamentals of this country.

Terrorism is not an Islamic act. It’s an evil act. And there is nothing legitimately in the religion that justifies killing innocent women and children or anyone, for that matter, that is not threatening your life. There is a sickness in anyone who can do these heinous acts and say they were motivated by God.

This is an appeal to those sincere adherents of the Abrahamic faith to stay vigilant and assist one another in protecting and cherishing our religious freedoms. Evil, regardless what it calls itself or what form it takes, the end results are the same.

On behalf of the Mobile Masjid, we want to be empathically clear. The religion of Al Islam does not in any form or fashion condone the killing of innocent people of any faith or no faith at all.

With regards,
Imam Kamal H Saleem
Mobile Masjid