After a female driver reported being stopped by a white male in a dark blue Dodge Charger near Wal-Mart in Fairhope Oct. 16, police are on the lookout for a person believed to be impersonating a police officer.

Around noon Oct. 16, the motorist told police that she was driving in the area of the Fairhope Wal-Mart when she saw a dark blue car, described as a Dodge Charger with a blue light in the front window, behind her. She pulled to the side of the road, believing she was being pulled over by an unmarked police car.

A white male, wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt exited the car and approached her and asked for her identification, which she provided. She described the suspect as a white male, with a dark complexion and dark hair. According to her statement, the suspect did not identify himself as an officer from any particular law enforcement agency.

The suspect told the female he needed to search her car, but did not give a reason. After searching her glove box, he returned her identification and walked away. The female asked why she had been stopped, and the suspect gave a vague reference to a traffic violation, then left.

The female did not report seeing a badge, a weapon, or any police identification.

If anyone was in that area and saw the incident, or saw a similar vehicle, they are asked to call the Criminal Investigation Division of the Fairhope Police Department at 251-928-2385.

A press release from Fairhope Police Sgt. Craig Sawyer said when in doubt, motorists should pull over in populated areas.

“Citizens may ask to see police identification if in doubt,” the release said. “Drivers may also call 911 to verify the authenticity of a stop if they believe they are dealing with an imposter.”