It’s the time of the year when you may as well dress me up like an upper-middle class housewife in yoga pants and a polar fleece with a pony tail pulled through the back of a hat as you listen to me rattle on about how much I love the fall.

Those who know me get that I don’t externally fit this image, but on the inside I am dying for my southern drawl to lose the “R” as I wait anticipate the turn of the leaf, clove studded oranges, pumpkin spiced latte in hand and the onset of my favorite fall flavors. Sure, it may be 85 degrees today, but on the morning this was written I felt a cool 61 almost send me back into the house for sleeves. Fall seems to be our shortest season, so I will take what I can get.

What flavors, you ask? I head for earthy, gritty, flavors getting away from the smooth, bright summer tones. It’s the perfect season in south Alabama as we still have tomatoes on the vine and herbs to change their intention. As my kitchen plays host to more casseroles, soups, stews, and one-pot meals, perhaps the most exciting part of the fall is it is the season of apples.

Last year’s king of the apples was the Golden Delicious. I tried them with every kind of cheese I could think of. I’ll be on the lookout for anything out of Amish country this year, but the apple I neglected last year (maybe for the first time ever, my beloved golden delicious consumed me) is the McIntosh. Look for recipes that use lemon juice and cinnamon. This softer apple is great with these ingredients, and they are my favorite with caramel. But the best way to enjoy them is with a good rinse under a faucet.

Delish’s Desserts gets ready for October Thursday menu

Our favorite little spot on Upham Street is ready for October to get here. Delish’s Desserts has announced the menu changes for every Thursday of the Halloween month. If you are looking for real German food prepared by real Germans then look no further. Chef Kelley has a menu planned that includes favorites from sauerbraten and stuffed cabbage rolls to grilled bratwurst and jaegerschnitzel!

Lucky for me Thursday is one of the only days I get to stop in. I’ll see you there.

Cream & Sugar planning on mixing it up a bit

Cream & Sugar serves breakfast all day and beginning in October, dessert a little later.

Cream & Sugar serves breakfast all day and beginning in October, dessert a little later.

Let’s face it. You love the corner of George and Savannah streets. Well, if you don’t then you should. Kitchen on George is doing well these days, but let’s not overlook their “housemate.” Cream and Sugar is still going strong and continues to step up their game.

For a while many of us have thought of Cream & Sugar as a coffee shop with cake balls and maybe a chicken salad sandwich. Allow me to refresh your perception. Despite limited seating this place is a charming breakfast and lunch powerhouse. I’ve long been a fan of their gumbo over grits, which certainly remind me of grillades. I recently discovered their black bean burger and veggie sandwich, both on homemade focaccia lined with pesto.

Breakfast (served anytime) included a wonderful stuffed burrito with eggs and Conecuh. Of course there are bagels, muffins, and the usual suspects, but the earthy tastes you’ll find in the other menu items are where the gold is.
Either by design or by accident there is a presence of southwestern flavor that appears from time to time, though I expected something a little tamer. Shame on me.

Perfect for fall breakfast or lunch seven days a week, this place is host to two MOB (Mobilians On Bicycles) rides on weekend mornings complete with Biker Bars (house made granola bars that rock) and has a loft for secret meetings and tea parties. The ice cream comes from Cammie’s Old Dutch and the charm comes from Oakleigh.

Owner Susan Carley let me in on a secret. Mid to late October Cream & Sugar will stay open a little later for coffee and dessert. There’s nothing wrong with dessert at KOG, but I’d save room and walk next door for the salted caramel cake balls. See, I knew I couldn’t get through this without talking about cake balls.

World record attempt still set for Friday

Last week we told you about “Sundae at the Grand”, a world record attempt to create the largest ice cream sundae Guinness has ever seen. The event is still slated for this Friday, Sept. 26 from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. at the Grand Hotel’s Saltwater Grill in Point Clear. I will be waiting impatiently for word that the record has been broken and we will let you know via Facebook as soon as we get word.

Proceeds from this event go to the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF) who at this event is trading calories for awareness of educational programs for Fairhope schools.

So much is going on next week I am bursting at the seams. Tune in for information on all kinds of festivals and events coming up in my favorite (and busiest) month! Happy fall! Recycle!