It’s just too much. Too much going on, I say. I can’t possibly keep up! Nor can the spies but they have tried. I have tried. Oh sweet mamas, we have tried. I’ve got Mardi Gras galas, oyster cookoff details, sexy college and baby news. Where else can you get such a variety of scoop in one oh-so-tasty column? That’s right! You know your Boozester will always do you right. Let’s get to it!

Mobile Museum of Art’s 50th Anniversary Gala

On Thursday, Nov. 6 the Mobile Museum of Art celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala and the kick-off of its new exhibit “The Art and Design of Mardi Gras.” My spies said this was the hottest ticket in town and was just fabulous. As you walked in the door, you were greeted with champagne and oysters and there was a giant birthday cake.

I hear they even served the cocktails in real glasses! Fancy! The exhibits were full of the ornate trains and mystical floats and offered spectators an up-close look at the pageantry of Mardi Gras we all love around these parts.

Apparently, they also had performance artists, including fire dancers! Don’t worry they were outside ‘cause everyone knows fire and floats don’t mix.

Anyway, I hear the exhibit is definitely worth a trip out to Langan Park, so get your fanny on out there.

Oyster Cook-off a hit

The Oyster Cook-off at The Hangout last weekend was a really fun event.

And if you are a fan of the tasty bivalve, you simply can’t miss this event next year. Friday night started off with a craft beer festival and the cool temps prompted craft beer aficionados to keep their glasses full.

Celebrity chefs were running around on Saturday, including the Food Network’s Martie Duncan, Ippy Aiona, Linke Marals, Michala Ragussis and Nikki Martin, as well as chefs from some of the top restaurants from New Orleans to New York.

The beer kept flowing on Saturday, as did the Moonshine and Bloody Marys.

I hear the champagne tent was also quite popular as they were pouring out glasses of Veuve Clicqout and Moet Chandon. Fancy fancy!

There were crazy oyster combinations of all types from the classic Rockefeller to a BBQ oyster and macaroni cheese creation. So many choices in fact, it was nearly impossible to get to them all.

There were other activities as well, including cooking demonstrations, a shucking contest and face painting. Normally I wouldn’t mention the face painting but several ladies had their mugs painted with a replica of Mike Tyson’s face tattoo and it was pretty spectacular.

Saturday night some of the aforementioned celebrity chefs hosted a pairing dinner at The Gulf in Orange Beach. My spies said you almost felt like you were in California. The outdoor restaurant, constructed from ship containers, was as cool as it gets. Heaters and fire kept it warm, and an open bar and tons of food kept my spies pretty happy. “Girl on Grill” star Nikki Martin was working hard cranking out tons of delicious lamb chops with the help of local food celeb Panini Pete.

Everything was fabulous enough that the big-screen TV didn’t even get swarmed until Bama and LSU were in overtime. You know something has to be amazing to get football fans’ attention.

Will Kimbrough of Will and the Bushmen, as well as Willie Sugarcapps fame was seen hanging around talking throughout the evening with Tim and LeeAnn Camp from WZEW, as well. His band performed twice during the festival, along with The Mulligan Brothers.

Sunday was capped off with a fabulous brunch, with many very hung-over Auburn, LSU and Alabama fans converging and indulging in the Bloody Mary Buffet, which I’m pretty sure may have saved their lives. Go ahead and make plans to attend next year. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

Alabama ranks among “Sexiest Colleges in America”

The University of Alabama was the only university in the state to rank in a recent list of “America’s Sexiest Colleges.”

The “study” compiled by the website, The Daily Beast, took into account not only the looks of the male and female students (UA guys received an 8.1 out of 10 ranking; girls received a 7.9), but also Trojan Condom’s Sexual Health Ranking of each university (Alabama came in 30th there). Apparently they look at availability of condoms and access to student healthcare centers to come up with that one.

Other SEC colleges making the cut: Florida came in at #22 (Attractive Guys: 6.3 (I’m sure points were deducted for jort wearing there), Attractive Girls: 7.0, Sexual Health: #20). The University of South Carolina claimed the number 8 spot. (Attractive Guys: 7.8, Attractive Girls: 7.6, Sexual Health Rating: #29). And the University of Georgia did the best among the SEC schools, coming in at #3. (Attractive Guys: 7.7, Attractive Girls: 7.9, Sexual Health Rating: #15).

Four SEC schools in the Top 25? I think a play-off is in order, though I’m not exactly sure how that would work. Hmmmm?

Stork Report

Congrats to Local 15 TV’s chief meteorologist Derek Beasley and his wife, who welcomed a son, Xaiden Alexander, this week. The extended forecast for Derek includes diapers full of scattered showers, with a 100 percent chance of very little sleep on his radar indefinitely. We wish the Beasley family all the best.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week! Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ oyster lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!