Law enforcement in Baldwin County interrupted an unusual family outing on Wednesday after a traffic stop on Interstate 10 led to the discovery of 115 pounds of meth in a truck driven by a father with his son in the passenger seat.

Baldwin County sheriff’s deputies in a special operations unit initiated the traffic stop after seeing a Ford F150 carrying a flatbed trailer with no plainly visible tag hauling two golf carts.

Behind the wheel was Donald Scott Sells, who jail records list as being a resident of Washington; traveling with him was his 15-year-old son. Police say during an initial conversation, the pair made conflicting statements — arousing suspicion.

Sells consented to a search of his vehicle and trailer. Deputies located eight heavy duty vehicle batteries in a factory battery compartment under the seats of the two golf carts but noticed their weight was inconsistent with the typical weight of a vehicle battery.

Upon further inspection, deputies discovered 32 bundles of crystal methamphetamine weighing approximately 115 pounds had been hidden within all eight batteries. Sells was arrested for drug trafficking and taken to the Baldwin County Corrections Center.

His son was arrested for possession of marijuana transported to the juvenile detention center.