Photo/Boozie Spy

Another super busy, gorgeous spring week in Mobtown is in the books, full of fundraisers and exotic feathered friends flying all over the place. My spies were out and about as well, chronicling everything from a local appearance by the G.O.A.T. (Nick Saban) to a peacock named Perees in Spring Hill. I know you love all of this craziness and so do I. So since birds of a flock together, I have put a little something together on all of this just for you! Enjoy!

Saban turns over the tickle box

Alabama’s Nick Saban joined ESPN’s Lee Corso and other dignitaries last week at the Mobile Convention Center in support of Team Focus, and the ordinarily gruff Crimson Tide coach got off the night’s best laugh.

Saban has been a big supporter of Team Focus, which was started by former coach and analyst Mike Gottfried and his wife, Mickey, to help mentor fatherless boys and young men. Corso, also a well-known former coach and ESPN “Game Day” analyst, began talking about Saban being the greatest college coach of all time, heaping more and more praise upon St. Nick.

My spies said when Saban got up to speak he tried to bring a little humility back to the room, saying it’s important to remember you’re only as good as your last win and mentioning an incident that took place just a couple of days after losing the national championship to Clemson a couple of years ago while he was in an airport on a recruiting trip.

“This guy comes up and says, ‘Anybody ever tell you that you look like Nick Saban?’” the coach said. He said he responded, “As a matter of fact they do.” “I bet you hate that,” the man responded. Saban got a good laugh and even cracked a rare smile.

LBD a hit!

One of the Ronald McDonald House’s signature events, “Little Black Dress” or LBD, as the cool kids call it, took place at Fort Whiting on Thursday, April 19. The food was fabulous (my spies may have mentioned the Wintzell’s oysters a couple of times), but the fashion was even more fab. Their “McModels” showed off the hottest spring fashions, not just little black dresses, as one may think.

We hear FM Talk’s Kelly Finley and FOX 10’s Kati Weis were among this year’s models and did a great job. Ronald McDonald House is such an important organization in our city (and beyond), and it’s great to see so much local support for it.

It looks like a peacock up in a tree to me

Spring Hill residents say Crichton has a leprechaun, and they have a peacock. But in this case it’s not a mythical creature or a possible “crack head that has gotten ahold of the wrong stuff,” this is an actual peacock, which they have named Perees. Apparently Perees means “to seek, search for” in Hindi, which is spoken in India, the native country of peacocks, according to the three Spring Hill peacock hunters who have been leading the charge to get him safely home.

According to a Facebook page they created (“Perees the Springhill Peacock”) so folks can report sightings (and make peacock jokes), apparently the beautiful male bird took off from a farm in West Mobile after his owner introduced another male into the brood. (We all know how that works.)

Anyway, Perees has been spotted on the roof of a home in Spring Hill and near the I-65 exit, among other places. Residents are having fun with it, generating their own “amateur sketch” similar to the one of the Crichton Leprechaun. A person with the Twitter handle @OldMobilian even Tweeted that Perees may be in peril. He wrote: “a quick search of Pinterest indicates peacocks can be quite tasty! Will Perees end up back home on the farm or on a Big Green Egg in Spring Hill?”

Let’s hope Perees makes it back home. We will keep you posted.

Bald Eagle Bash

From peacocks in Spring Hill to bald eagles at Weeks Bay, we have had no shortage of news from the avian gossip wire this week. The Weeks Bay Foundation held its annual Bald Eagle Bash on Saturday, April 21. The spectacular weather guaranteed there would be a great crowd and why wouldn’t there be? There was shrimp prepared every which way it could be by local chefs, as well as a low country boil.

Johnny Hayes and the Love Seats provided the tunes and my spies said the former “Voice” star did not disappoint. Nor did his Love Seats. Everyone was out on the black-and-white checkered dance floor getting down, including a couple of moms my spies said were doing their best “mom dance,” and one mom who even had some moves reminiscent of Elaine’s from “Seinfeld.” Hey, you know what they say, “Dance like no one is watching.” But remember, Boozie always is.

My spies also said they spotted Congressman Bradley Byrne enjoying the festivities. I am sure he would agree it was waaaaay more fun than being in Washington.

Congrats to the Weeks Bay Foundation on another very successful event! Can’t wait until next year!

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Spring Hill peacock lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!