Former County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch’s arrest on child enticement last year was the culmination of a “progression of deviant conduct,” according to prosecutors who recently completed a forensic analysis of his computer.

A document filed in federal court today revealed that Jockisch was regularly on the Internet in pursuit of sex and suggests he routinely patrolled dating websites and responded to Craigslist advertisements for sex, often asking for photographs.

While there was no specific mention of child pornography, prosecutors said Jockisch’s online history revealed an explicit “sexual interest in young women, group sex and men with breasts…The defendant also has pornography that includes young women with little breast development, men with breasts colloquially referred to as SheMale Pornography, and group sex.”

In an apparent attempt to bolster its case, the government contends the evidence is admissible to establish the defendant’s “intent and state of mind.”



Prosecutors are also hoping to discount statements Jockisch made to a local television station that he was innocent because he is impotent. In a separate filing, the government claims that case law has upheld enticement charges even when there is no intent (or ability) to have sexual intercourse.

“This evidence is irrelevant to the charged offense,” prosecutors wrote. “Accordingly, the United States respectfully requests that the Court enter an order directing defendant, in making his opening statements, not to testify, make arguments, or refer to this defense theory.”

Today’s filings also include the details of a taped telephone call Jockisch made to his wife Debra. After his arrest, he told her that he was being taken to jail because, “Well sugar I screwed up. I opened up one of them Craigslist things, and that the girl . . . you know . . . Told me that she was there, and I went over there, and it was a 15-year old girl. . .”

Further in the conversation, the record explains, Debra Jockisch states “ I knew  . . . I knew you lied to me.”

Freeman Jockisch complained that it was only “cops” when he went to the apartment and says “I don’t know if they set it up or not, I don’t know what they did, I never saw her.”

Mrs. Jockisch replies that it doesn’t matter, “You were told that this crap . . . they’ll do that.” She also agrees to his statement that he is crazy and says “yeah you are, … I told you; you needed help.

Prosecutors say the conversation “reveals that the defendant’s wife had previously discovered his efforts to solicit sex on the Internet and that he had previously been warned about the possibility of law enforcement efforts. This is clear evidence of the defendant’s state of mind.”

Similar state charges against Jockisch were dropped after his federal indictment was unsealed. A trial date in the case has not been set.