A Mobile man is facing federal fraud charges for allegedly diverting money from a pediatric practice to pay for several pricey evenings at a local strip club.

Federal authorities unveiled an indictment against Jonathan Jernigan earlier this week alleging Jernigan defrauded his former employer — Children’s Medical Group — of approximately $167,737 through improper charges billed to a company purchasing card on multiple occasions in late 2015.

In the indictment, which was filed Dec. 28 in Mobile, Jernigan is identified as a former financial specialist for Children’s Medical Group. As such, he was tasked with “managing accounts payable and receivable and maintaining various financial records.”

However, the indictment says Jernigan devised a “scheme to defraud Children’s Medical Group” by obtaining money through a PNC Bank credit card belonging to the company.

A man in Mobile is accused of using his former employer’s company credit card to rack up thousands of dollars in charges at Diamond’s Gentlemen’s Club. (Google Earth)

Of the five counts of fraud listed in the available court records, four stemmed from charges Jernigan allegedly made at Diamond’s Men’s Club on Children’s Medical Group’s dime.

One such charged from Sept. 19, 2015, suggests Jernigan charged $8,794.03 at Diamond’s in a single night. That’s far less than the tab Jernigan allegedly racked up at Diamond’s on Nov. 29, 2015 — totaling $12,730 in three separate charges made on the same evening.

In the indictment, the only charge not made Diamond’s was a $604.99 purchase made at a Mobile Wal-Mart on Nov. 17, 2015.

However, all of the individual charges listed in the indictment don’t add up to anywhere near the total amount of money Jernigan is accused of defrauding from Children’s Medical Group.

Together, the two nights at the local gentlemen’s club add up to $21,524. Add in the $604 charged at a local Walmart and the total is still more than $145,600 short of the what’s of the losses Children’s Medical Group is alleged to have suffered as a result of Jernigan’s actions.

A review of Mobile County Metro Jail records indicates Jernigan has not been formally arrested at this time. However, a manager at Children’s Medical Group confirmed to Lagniappe on Thursday Jernigan was no longer employed by the pediatric practice.