Dear Rob and Ashley:

It only took Mayor Simpson one term to join the “Mobile Swamp.” Our district attorney, along with the mayor, was able to convince the higher courts that she needed extra funds to run an obviously inept operation.

So it seems that the mayor agreed by removing Bill Harkins from the public works department. The mayor then appointed a proven non-performer (ex-county official John Peavy) to be the new head of the public works department. His prior training as a local official will serve local government well in the rush to waste money.

In my residential area, household garbage was scheduled for today. As of 5 p.m., there has been no pickup — thank you, Mr. Peavy.

Tomorrow is scheduled trash/limbs/etc. pickup. Since sports betting is now legal in most of the USA, a good bet would be that no pickup will be made.

Thank you, Mayor Simpson and DA Rich.

Bob Walsh