The man once described as “The Biggest Little Man in the SEC” is making his way to FMTalk 106.5 at the beginning of the year.

FMTalk General Manager Sean Sullivan announced last week “The Paul Finebaum Show” would begin airing on his station Jan. 5. While Finebaum has been played in the Mobile market before it was in a truncated format. That won’t be the case this time.

Paul Finebaum returns to Mobile market on FM Talk 106.5.

Paul Finebaum returns to Mobile market on FM Talk 106.5.

“He’ll be running four hours, no cut,” Sullivan said.

In past interviews with Lagniappe Finebaum has expressed disappointment his show wasn’t running in its entirety in one of the state’s largest markets. It originates in Birmingham and has become very popular around the state and the Southeast. Finebaum also works with ESPN.

Though the new show is primarily sports-driven, Sullivan said this is not a departure for his station in terms of format, but simply expanding the palate of what’s being offered.

“This is putting my efforts into being as representative of the audience as we can be at every step,” he said. “This is a chance to add something. While he is syndicated, he is a regional product, and we’re excited to get his show on.”

Sullivan said Finebaum was interested in getting back into the Mobile market.

“Paul came to us early on. This is where Paul wants to be. It’s the biggest market in the state where his show wasn’t played, and we’re the biggest talk station in the market,” he said.

The addition of Finebaum will come with some other changes for devotees to FMTalk. Finebaum will run from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. each day, followed by iTalkSEC, from 6-8. These changes will kill off “The Drive,” a local talk show hosted by Sullivan each weekday afternoon.

Sullivan says he is also moving back to co-hosting “Mobile Mornings” with Wayne Gardner and hosting “Midday Mobile” around lunchtime.

Finebaum started his career as a reporter and columnist for the Birmingham Post-Herald. In addition to his radio career and TV work with ESPN, he also writes a column for Sports Illustrated. His radio show has affiliates across the Southeast.

Sexual healing?

One of the most active “posters” at over the past several years is facing time in jail for making terroristic threats, but he believes some time with a sex surrogate will clear up the whole misunderstanding.

In a motion submitted to Mobile County Circuit Court last week, Chase Anderson Romagnano told Judge Robert Smith a $25,000 session with a sexual surrogate would show that he did not make terroristic threats against Spring Hill College employees. An indictment against him was filed in 2013.

“The defendant is beyond embarrassed that (it) is going to come to this but the defendant believes that participating in such sessions and releasing the details of such sessions to the court would conclusively prove that the state has no case and that this whole endeavor has been a waste of this honorable court’s time,” the motion read.

He doesn’t explain how a sexual surrogate would prove his innocence. A sexual surrogate is typically a member of a therapy team and often engages in intimate physical contact or even sexual activity with the patient.

Romagnano was well known among readers for his wide assortment of posts, as well as frequently complaining about how powerful individuals were keeping him from achieving his goals. He no longer posts under his own name.