Well, guys, we’ve almost made it through the dog days of summer, although with all this rain, it seems like they are more like the sog days of summer. OK, I admit that was corny. Anyway, I think there is some sort of election coming up, you may have heard a little something about it. And of course, the Tide, Tigers and Jags are finally about to get back on the field, which means it’s time to switch from vodka to bourbon and start making Game Day dips. Woot Woot! I thought this day would never come.

But before I start nippin’ (on the bourbon) and dippin’, we have some gossip to get off our plate.

Holy shot!

It seems a couple of weekends ago, mayoral candidate Sandy Stimpson made the rounds, campaigning at several of the Port City’s favorite watering holes. We hear he spoke briefly on the stage at the Alabama Music Box during a voter registration drive and even took a shot. My spies said it appeared to be in the dark liquor family.

The next night Stimpson and his wife Jean were spotted at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in the OGD (with about a million other folks) watching a hot band out of Birmingham, St. Paul and the Broken Bones. When asked about the shot, Stimpson smiled and said someone ordered it for him and he thought he was shooting water.


Aug. 17 saw battling political rallies from incumbent Sam Jones and challenger Sandy Stimpson.

While Sandy’s rally inside the Fairgrounds drew far more than Sam’s rally, something was missing from the challenger’s event — fish plates. Of course Jones and supporters have alleged Stimpson has been trying to buy votes with fish plates and blues musicians.

Stimpson served up hot dogs, snow cones and more to the 400 or so people in attendance to see The Red Field Band, the Prichard Preparatory Choir and Tucka. My spies didn’t see Tucka’s performance to see if he performed any of the his versions of “The Obama Shuffle,” “Moanin’” or “Love On The Dance Floor.”

At Jones’ rally in Municipal Park, there was not only Saucy Q barbecue, but also FISH PLATES!

Not to be out done on the entertainment. Jones had 3UnbornSoulz who sang “Where We From,” which is a rap song dedicated to Jones’ accomplishments like lowering taxes and bringing down gas prices. It should be noted my spies did not fact check the song’s lyrics for accuracy.


It seems Lagniappe’s web story last week about some recurrent political sign stealing on Navco Road got one reader’s dander up enough that he pulled out his Jr. Detective badge (and camera phone) to solve the crime. If you didn’t see the story, a woman was video taped repeatedly trespassing on Jessie Eldridge’s property, stealing his Sandy Stimpson signs and replacing them with Sam Jones signs.

“I had lunch at Mellow Mushroom at the loop today, and when I left the parking lot I turned right onto Airport (headed west). Soon thereafter, an older lady pulled out ahead of me and I noticed the intense amount of love shown for Mayor Jones on her rear bumper in the form of about 10 bumper stickers. However, I had viewed the video (the previous) evening, as I am mutual friends with some people on Facebook that were apparently directly affected by the sign stealing. So, I did what all Americans do these days and broke out the ol’ iPhone (people should really know better)! Snapped a couple of photos, and in the mean time, I could see the lady fidgeting and looking in her rear view mirror. At one point she got her flip phone out and held it high enough between the seats so that I could see her with it, like she was calling someone. In the second pic, you can see her armed raised (this was when she was messing with her phone),” our vigilante spy said.

He followed the Lincoln — which appears to exactly match the car in the video — getting a few clear shots of the license and the agitated driver.

“I didn’t follow her any longer, but nevertheless, she acted very paranoid and ‘sketchy,’ for lack of a better word. Gotta say, I think that’s your lady,” the spy said.

There are cameras everywhere these days folks. Keep that in mind.

If you can’t stand the heat, get to a Night Kitchen

The cat’s out of the bag. Last Boozie, we teased an exciting new event and finally we can give a few more details. A group of leaders in the arts community, including our own Kevin Lee, the Rumor Union’s Elizabet Elliot, playwright Tom Perez and filmmaker Gideon Kennedy, have set out to bring all generations of artists together to showcase their works and strengthen the arts community with lively discussion, performances and food.

These “Night Kitchens” as they are called are an homage to salons Eugene Walter used to host at Termite Hall, and the Kitchens are even being held there.

All of the attendees had effusive praise for the inaugural event.

The oh-so-exclusive guest list included, in addition to the organizers, Tom Mason, Charlie Smoke, who were both guests of Eugene’s events, Executive Director at Mobile Museum of Art Deborah Velders, poet and writer Janet Nodar, Lunatix owner Courtney Matthews, artist Rachel Wright, graphic artist Johnny Gwin, performer Ms. Venus, artist and musician Adam Taylor, performance artist Lillian McKinney, artist Colleen Comer and comedian/poet Alfred Ward.

My spy had the following report:

There was tons of food with the centerpiece being incredible gumbo Elizabet Eliot made in homage to Kennedy’s film about Eugene’s gumbo recipes and the gatherings at Termite Hall.

The guests started off with Angela Trigg (niece of the sisters who hosted Eugene Walter’s events back in the day) giving them a tour of Termite Hall, a house on Dauphin near Fulton.

“It was like stepping into a history exhibit,” one guest commented.

Kevin Lee read one of his Lagniappe columns that had garnered him a Mobile Press Club award.

Rachel Wright brought some of her glasswork, exquisite stuff that has a personal connection since she implemented her father’s cremains into the work.
Adam Taylor had a video installation.

Janet Nodar read a couple of poems, one about the Christmas Day tornado that was really good.

Alfred Ward is a young comedian who writes spoken word pieces as well and the one he gave was really emotional. Elizabet elliot did a spoken word piece she had completely memorized and for which she seemed to almost go into a trance when she performed.

Tom Perez performed a scene from his upcoming play “When the Saints Go Marching in at Cockroach Hall.”

Deborah Velders talked about her experiences in moving to Mobile and what she envisions for the Mobile Museum of Art. Johnny Gwin, who came in costume as Griffith’s Service Station’s (AKA “Society Shell’s”) Preston Griffith, gave a rather heartfelt speech about a new personal project he was working on.

Though Venus didn’t perform, the group presented her with a bouquet of white flowers for agreeing to come and play hostess.

Eventually, when it came time to call things to an end, Lee, who had dressed as Allen Ginsberg read what they called their “closing prayer”… which was the footnote from Ginsberg’s “Howl.”

Tentatively, the next one will be late October and the theme will be “rebirth” (in allusion to the pagan holiday of Samhain upon which Halloween was built).

The word of mouth on this is so great, I’m sure many locals are anxiously awaiting their invites to the next gathering.

Well kids, that’s all I got for this issue. Remember to vote and just remember whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ fish plate lovin’, I will be there.