In response to the letter to the editor in last week’s issue, “Flashed by the Federal Government,” my suggestion is that you should have first knocked. This common gesture of courtesy would have allowed the man in the restroom to respond and let you know the room was occupied. “BAM,” your entire problem solved.

Secondly, why would you allow a young child (boy or girl) to run to the bathroom alone? That, in and of itself, is poor parenting. When your child is old enough to go to the restroom alone, please teach them to knock on the door before entering, not because of unisex bathrooms, but because it is the courteous thing to do.

As far as unisex bathrooms are concerned, who cares? How many times has the women’s line been too long and the men’s so short that some women’s “expediency” trumped the comforting sign that read “Women?” Rest assured there will always be a commode in the unisex room, no one is asking women to use a urinal. The whole LGBT movement is real, and it is recognized. Which room would you suggest that Caitlin Jenner use?
Kristen Keller