I went to the Social Security office recently to apply for retirement benefits. I arrived at 9 a.m. and didn’t leave until after 2:30 p.m. That in and of itself is a crime, but that’s not the reason for this letter. During my “holiday” at the Social Security Administration, I had to go to the bathroom.

I rounded the corner and “BAM!” — right before me were not one but two unisex bathrooms, side by side, like those two weird little girls in “The Shining.” Gone were the comforting and helpful “Women” and “Men” signs, now they were “gender neutral.”

I’ll admit that I was taken aback and confused as what to do next. In my need, however, expediency trumped shock and awe so I grabbed door number one by the knob and turned it.

“Good, no one in there,” I thought. But I opened the door just in time to see a man turn around shaking his penis. He smiled, I didn’t.

I’m standing there, and I’m thinking I just got flashed, legally, with the help of the federal government. What used to be illegal and immoral, repugnant and wretched, has been averaged into a politically correct social framework, bringing down the safety and dignity of us all.

Does anybody but me feel unisex bathrooms cannot be a good thing in the grand scheme of things? That something got fixed that was never broken and now we are all compromised?

What about little girls who unsuspectingly run to those bathrooms, fling open the door and are quietly pulled in? Does a tragedy really have to happen at the SSA office before somebody says, “maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all”?

Let me say it then. Gender neutral restrooms are not an appropriate and safe option for women and children!

With all due respect, I hereby call Mayor Stimpson and Gov. Bentley to completely eradicate unisex bathrooms in public buildings where there is more than one bathroom facility available for use.

Please return to myself and my little granddaughters our dignity, our modesty, our security and our privacy.

Kate Battiste