Well, it’s been a week full of pigs, floppiness, good vibrations and celeb sightings, so I would say that’s pretty good stuff for the ol’ Boozester. The spies sent in their holiday weekend reports and they were pretty impressive, including one involving total nudity. Gasp!

Pig and politicos
Last Tuesday night, May 19, politicos and those who wanted to press their non-porcine flesh headed to Battleship Park for their annual Pork and Politics event. With the legislature in session and it not being an election year, the crowd seemed a little lighter, but it was still a good mix of folks.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson looking especially ‘Southern’ at Pork and Politics last week.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson looking especially ‘Southern’ at Pork and Politics last week.

Those in attendance included Judge Ben Brooks, County Commissioners Connie Hudson and Jerry Carl, Sheriff Sam Cochran and DA Ashley Rich, city councilpersons Bess Rich, Levon Manzie and Fred Richardson and Mayor Sandy Stimpson, who made a brief appearance looking like the most Southern mayor of all time, clad in a seersucker suit, cupcake in hand.

Gettin’ floppy with it
Widespread Panic fans descended upon The Wharf on Friday, May 22 for their controversial show. It became controversial after Orange Beach officials expressed extreme displeasure with The Wharf for allowing the band to be booked again, calling the last time they played “pure mayhem,” saying there were numerous arrests and people sleeping in vacant garages and out of their minds on drugs. The Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Silvers didn’t want the “floppiness” their fans would bring.

This garnered an equally passionate reaction by fans, who were offended by the statements and vowed to turn it into a positive. They held a food drive for local homeless shelters and a “Floppers Ball” prior to then event, with many dressed somewhat formally in sequins, bowties and tails. One man was dressed as Jesus, with a sign that said, “What would Jesus do? Stay Floppy. After all, he was born in someone else’s garage.”

My spies did notice a little of said “floppiness” as one concert-goer was spotted “sleeping” on a bench in the fetal position and another “lady” who was totally naked was arrested for presumably public nudity. She was pulled out of the stands by police.

The spies did seem to think the late announcement, coupled with the negative comments really affected the crowd, as it only seemed to be about “half full.” But with only a handful of arrests, I think it’s safe to say the floppiness was at a minimum. And some local businesses even used their signs to thank fans for coming.

Feeling good vibrations
The next night, a completely different crowd headed to The Wharf to see The Beach Boys and America. My spy said the most interesting thing about the evening was a young teenager wearing a Beach Boys shirt and carrying a beer which he was clearly not old enough to be drinking busted down to the front row and seemed to know every word of every Beach Boys song, even the obscure ones. The police took his beer away, wrote him a ticket and removed this young superfan from the venue.

As they were removing him, he politely complied with officers, as he danced and singed his way out. But my spy said even his ejection did not deter his love for his Beach Boys, as you could see him just outside the gate doing figure eights and singing along with the band until the end of the show. How odd.

Uh oh Mario, you’ve been spotted
As we have been reporting Nicolas Cage is about to start filming “USS Indianapolis Men of Courage” in the Port City and director Mario Van Peebles has already been spotted a couple of times out and about. It seems he was soaking up rays both Friday and Saturday at the Battlehouse’s rooftop pool over Memorial Day weekend and met with some “movie folks” Friday night at The Royal Scam.

He reportedly didn’t eat, only had water to drink and sat out in their courtyard, according to our spies. How mysterious! (I’m not really sure what’s mysterious about it. He had probably just already eaten and needed some water after the pool, but it is a mystery how anyone could resist at least ordering one of their delicious tuna martinis. I dream about those things.)

Well, kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Van Peebles lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!