With all of the events of late, my spies have been a bit like Waffle House hashbrowns – scattered, smothered and covered. I understand we have to pack all of our events into six weekends before it get’s nasty hot, but lawd, the spies are tired.

I know, I know — June will be here soon and they’ll be bored, so don’t worry I am not listening to their bellyaching. Nope, I have just scooped up all their latest intel and served it up on a plate for you and yes, it’s way scattered and a little chunked.

How many city employees…

Does it take to change a lightbulb? Apparently six and two ladders. One spy sent this pic in, which gave the Boozester a chuckle. But hey, in their defense, this is a complicated bulb. And we certainly aren’t casting any stones here at Lagniappe, as it recently took four of us to change the bulbs in our office.


Nothing fishy! Mullet Toss a success as usual

Mullet Toss took place April 25-27 at the world famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store. My spies said it was fun as always. Tons of people there. Plenty of hot guys and girls in bikinis. Plenty of not-so-hot guys and girls in bikinis. One spy said there seemed to an inordinate amount of flag bikinis this year.

And “the muscular guys with tattoos” seemed to make quite an impression as well. Sounds like business as usual. Somebody bring me a Bushwacker.

Mardi Gras Royalty for realz

My Azalea spy, who keeps me in the know on all things Gras related, said a former knight has actually married into real royalty. Well sort of. It seems a knight who escorted one of our local ladies and got into a little trouble with the law while “raising Cain” here, as my spy put it, just married the niece of the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was from France and known in Boozie as the “Fun French Knight.”

We hope he and his new Lady continue to raise Cain throughout the monarchy. And you thought being Mardi Gras royalty was just for pretend? It’s practice, dahlin’!

Stork Report

Congrats to FOX 10 Meteorologist Jason Smith and his wife, Emily, on the birth of their FOURTH child, Lyle Francis. That’s a lot a fishing buddies for the weatherman, who is also the host of FOX 10 Outdoors. They may need a bigger boat!

Missed Connections

It’s been a while since we’ve included any Criagslist Missed Connections, but a few caught my eye this week, including lunchroom love, some FedEx Sexiness and a lost pup in MiMo.

Love in the Lunch Room?

A 37-year-old gentleman ran into two ladies in the lunch room at Mobile Infirmary on Monday, April 28.

“You two beautiful ladies completely made my lunch break. I enjoyed our quick chat and would have pulled up a chair and sat down with you except y’all were done eating and heading out already. What a small world though to discover you and I had once worked in the same city several states away. I don’t guess this is a real missed connection since we introduced ourselves and all, but I wanted you to know I enjoyed our brief conversation. Let me know the next time you go there for lunch, and I’ll join you,” he wrote.

My question is this: Is he after one or both of them. This could get hairy.

FedSexy Guy?

It seems one lady who lives and/or works at the Loop has a little crush on her FedEx guy. Sign, sealed, delivered, she’s yours. Now just to figure out who it could be!

“Hey FedEx guy, I see you everyday and think you are so cute! But I don’t even know your name,” she writes.

Lost Weiner?

One lady is looking for her man and thinks he may be with another woman. This man is of the four-legged variety however. The woman however has just two legs.


“You must have smelled that pizza & that’s why you got out of the fence. I don’t blame you, I love pizza too. You met another woman while you were there. She saw your City Animal Shelter tag and maybe thought you had escaped from the shelter, but really, someone had already come along and saved you. The lady that took you home was eating at Mellow Mushroom around 2:30-3:00 pm on EASTER Sunday (the day and time you went missing) with her husband and child. They were dining on the patio. I really want you to come home, Nate. You are the coolest dachshund I know. Maybe someone listening knows who took you home with them and they’ll get in touch with me!

If anyone knows who has this pizza-lovin’ pup, who has obviously been on his own Magical Mystery Tour, they can get in touch with his owner via Craigslist.

Well kids, that’s all I got this issue. Just remember, whether rain or shine dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ FedEx guy lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!