I read with great interest the commentary of Clyde Foster, “Violent racism not reciprocated by black community” (July 2). Undoubtedly I missed his point the first reading, so I read it again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mr. Foster must have been living in a cave the last several years. To say that black people “turn the other cheek” when wronged by whites is almost laughable.

While I am in complete agreement with his disclaim for the crazed killer of innocent people in Charleston recently … I have to disagree with his blanket statement that “time and time again we fail to reciprocate the hate acted upon us…”

Not only has there been reciprocation by the black community, but there has been “mass violence” in the name of peaceful demonstration. Police cars burned, whole city blocks looted and destroyed by a people whom you say are “NOT YOU” (I assume the “you” means all white people).

To say, “We will never be you, because hate is not in our nature” is a statement with which I’m sure the owners of businesses destroyed during recent riots would not agree.

Mr. Foster and I could swap commentaries for the next year and never run out of examples of racism and hatred perpetrated by all races. Instead, let us talk about the many instances of love and compassion shown one another in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We should not live a life trying to convince ourselves that our neighbor could be our enemy because of his skin color. My prayer is that all who see me, see a brother in Christ … not Satan in a white skin.

Claude A. Wyndham